You Can Afford to be Fashionable

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These days most of us are having difficulty paying the bills and buying groceries, so even though we’d like to splurge on a new wardrobe, it’s not in the budget and gets penciled with a sigh onto our list of wants.  If you’re a mom, clothing for yourself is even further down the list, since any extra money you end up with is instantly applied to purchases for your children.

Although meeting the needs and wants of your household before your own is a great priority to have, don’t let it lead you to totally neglect yourself. Every woman needs to invest time and money in herself once in a while, too. This not only benefits you, but those around you, since you’ll be happier and more fun to be around when you’ve had time to relax, regroup, and pamper yourself a little.

Maybe you understand this need, but still don’t think you have the money. Shopping on a budget is not only entirely feasible; it is the best practice because it doesn’t result in the guilty feelings of a several-hundred-dollar shopping spree. You can add great pieces to your wardrobe while still staying well within a budget. Here are some ideas of how to do it.

Learn to love the clearance racks… but not how you think. You might admit that when you think of clearance racks, you think of picked-over, off-season rejects, especially if you’ve only ever shopped new merchandise. This is a common stereotype which can cause you to miss great deals on cute, in-season clothing.

  • Shopping the clearance racks doesn’t mean you have to buy ugly clothing nobody wants. Neither should you assume you have to buy a season behind. Sure, if you find a classic pea coat at half price, snatch it up for next winter, but don’t buy many items like this. Next year may come and you’ll be a different size or simply not like the item anymore, and you’ve just wasted money on something you can no longer return.
  • Learn to shop the clearance racks for all-season pieces that are interesting and will go with other items you already own. Buy only things you know you’ll wear, not items you might work up the courage to wear someday or don’t fit you right. At the same time, don’t hesitate to try a new style. You may be surprised at what you like once you’re wearing it.

Another tip is to take advantage of store coupons (not store credit cards – this is a trap to spend money you don’t have). Once you find a store brand you like, sign up for email or mail offers. You may have to sort through some spam, but it’s well worth the prize of a ‘50% off your next purchase with a promotional code’ coupon.  You will also be alerted to any limited-time sales so you can pick the best times to shop.

Lastly, don’t deprive yourself. If you see a cute full-price outfit you know you’d love and be able to wear a long time, get it. One full-price outfit every once in a while isn’t going to hurt your budget, as long as you stay within your spending limit. You make the choice – buy several cheaper items and have more new clothes, or buy one or two special items, and that’s all you get.

Clearance racks and store coupons are two great ways way to afford new clothes within a budget. The most amazing thing is… you’ll look so great, no one will know how little you spent.

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