Fun and Frugal Ways to Make Learning Fun for Your Toddler

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Educational toys and enrichment programs are terrific; unfortunately many of them come with a hefty price tag. However, don’t feel like those are your only options when it comes to helping your child develop intellectually and gain the skills that they will need for formal schooling. There are literally hundreds of activities that you can share with your child to help make learning fun and accessible for them. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Begin at the Library

Most public libraries offer parents and children so much more than books and story-time. Ask your librarian what resources are available for parents. Many offer a parents and educators area that is stocked with books and videos about child development and educational activities. Some even loan out educational toys and have free passes local museums and zoos. Don’t forget the books though – being a fluent reader will help your child their whole life long.

Along with the library, try giving your school board a call and ask if they offer any classes or learning materials for parents of preschool aged children. They should also be able to give you guidelines that detail what your child should be able to do before entering kindergarten along with activities to help them master these skills.

Browse Online

Luckily for us parents, many teachers and child care providers have embraced the Internet and are sharing wonderful ideas for arts and crafts and learning activities on their blogs. If the idea of trying to hunt down these sites is exhausting, try these sites as a jumping-off point:

Pinterest – If you’ve never used Pinterest before, read through this guide that explains step-by-step how to use it. The Education, DIY/Crafts and Kids sections are filled with wonderful ideas for crafts and activities.

Zero to Three is an advocacy group that offers a wide variety of learning materials for parents who wish to nurture their child’s intellectual and emotional development.

Read Kiddo Read offers books selections and tips for parents to help them get their children more interested in reading.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library sends children from birth to age 5 one free book a month. You can check to see if your child is eligible on the site. Many areas have no income limits on the program.

Nature Rocks helps parents discover local opportunities for their child to interact with nature and free activity guide downloads.

Remember Learning is Everyday

The most important thing that parents can do to help their young children grow and learn is to simply be available and present. Specific educational activities are nice, but nothing takes the place of spending time with your child, both one on one and as a family.

1. Invite your children to help you with your chores. It might be more work at first, but even little things like folding hand towels or putting spoons in the dish washer helps your child develop hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as well as the healthy sense of self esteem that comes from being a contributing part of the family.

2. Instead of flashcards, use every day situations to teach your child letters and numbers. Label each family member’s napkin with their initial. Ask your child to divide 6 apple slices between himself and his sister. Make numbers and letters a part of your child’s daily life.

3. Limited amounts of screen time are okay, but remember that puzzles, board games and even simple card games offer more interpersonal interaction and also help develop the hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills that your child will later use to learn to write.

4. Look for opportunities for your child to play with other children and to practice spending time away from you.

5. Encourage your child to learn to dress themselves and take care of as much of their daily hygiene as possible.

A good education is crucial to your child’s success. You don’t have to be rich to give them the best start possible – what’s important is that you are motivated and committed to enriching your child’s life.

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