Staying in Fashion While Staying on a Budget

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There’s no denying, clothing fashion is more important to some than to others. If it’s important to you to embrace the current trends, you know it can be pricey because staying in fashion requires adding new pieces to your wardrobe. How can you stay in fashion while staying on a budget? Here are some basic attitude adjustments to adopt:

  • You don’t have to wear all the new items to be in style. Choose pieces for maximum effect and versatility.
  • Buy only pieces that fit your body style. Buying clothing just because it’s in style and not because it suits you is a sure reason for rarely wearing it or never feeling good wearing it. In either case, you’ve wasted your money.
  • Invest in a few quality pieces as the foundation of your wardrobe. Add accessories and other, less expensive pieces to round out your wardrobe to incorporate the current trends.
  • Investigate alternative fashion sources that will help stretch your clothing budget. Consult the Internet for new places to shop and a plethora of information and tips to help you attain more fashion for less money.
  • Seriously – set a clothing budget. If you’re a “fashionista” it’s all too easy to be tempted by something stylish without taking the price into consideration.
  • Realize that fashions change very quickly. Choose items that are more mainstream and less on the cutting-edge of fashion. Items with a touch of the trend stay in style longer.

Locating fashion bargains

Where are some good places to find fashionable clothing at reasonable prices? That has a lot to do with the type of fashion you’re looking for, your size and body style. The usual suspects – big discount retailers like Target, WalMart and K-Mart are always affordable sources for current styles, as are Marshalls, TJ Maxx, brand name outlets and other discount fashion stores. Specialty clothing stores like Old Navy, Filene’s and the Gap, and department stores like Sears, JC Penney and Kohl’s are also great, when you take advantage of their frequent sales and clearance racks. Online shopping can be a fruitful place to find fashion bargains. carries a huge selection of clothing and accessories and stylish and affordable shoes and bags can be found at

The best sales on clothing are generally found at the end of the season, so if you can wait a few months, you’ll be able to pick up some items (that may not necessarily be season-specific, like t-shirts, blouses and accessories) at a significant discount.

Some out-of-the-box ideas for finding affordable clothing are consignment and resale shops – especially for those quality wardrobe anchors, like coats, shoes, jackets, pants/jeans. Consider the other side of the coin, too. You can sell your unwanted clothing to a resale shop, providing you some extra cash to buy something new for your wardrobe.

Remember these two fashion truisms: 1.) Fashions often don’t last as long as the clothes that represent them. 2.) Fashions inevitably come back around every few years. An authentic version of a “new” fashion may be sitting in a vintage boutique for cheap. You may even be able to find vintage clothing at garage sales for pennies on the dollar. For that matter, ask older relatives and friends if you can raid their attics for vintage clothing – they’ll thank you for helping them liquidate!

It’s not difficult to keep looking fresh and fashionable on a budget. Approach fashion with a level head and take full advantage of the information and savings opportunities that exist to keep you looking sharp!

Where and how do you save on fashion?

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