Tips for Saving Money on Your Hair

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I recently had my hair freshly cut and colored, and although it lasts for several months, the expense of the ritual always has me looking for things I can do to keep it looking good for as long as possible.  Some things I’ve learned the hard way, while some tips I’ve learned from others’ mistakes, and consequently avoided. If you’re looking for ways to save money on your hair care routine, you might fin these helpful. Of course, not all the ideas will work for all hair types or styles, but the general principles should hold true.

Tips for long-lasting vibrant hair color
Permanent hair color usually lasts around 8-9 weeks for most people. In my case, I can stretch it out because I don’t have much gray and stick to a color that fades well into my natural shades (tip #1). Changing your hair drastically can be fun, but be aware that your different-colored roots will make you want to dye it again sooner than if you’d stuck to a shade that blends well with your natural color. I’m naturally a reddish-blond, so I can go with various shades of red and fade out/grow out pretty uniformly. I don’t, however, want my hair color to wash out within a few weeks — a trait that is particularly true of reds. That’s why I follow three rules for colored-hair treatment:

  • Always wash in cold water (flip your head over the sink or tub if you can’t stand the cold in the shower)
  • Wash (and wet, for that matter) hair as infrequently as possible
  • Use shampoo and conditioners designed for color-treated hair, specifically for helping retain color

These steps aren’t expensive (well, the shampoo/conditioner may be slightly more expensive than your normal brand, but that’s where you can utilize coupons!), and are effective and easy, although hard to get into the habit of. I find it a pain to have to wash my hair separately, but saving my color is worth it. Some people also can’t go more than one day without washing their hair; this will depend on how dry or oily your hair is. Mine tends to be dry, so I can get away with going a day in between shampoos. I’ve never tried dry shampoos, but some people like to use them as a way to get the ‘clean feeling’ without losing color.

Further, it’s a good idea to avoid vibrant colors in the summer, because sun exposure will fade them out quickly. Opt for highlights, which fade less noticeably, and will be complemented by the natural highlights you get from being outdoors.

Tips for a long-lasting hairstyle

You can’t really control how quickly your hair grows, but there are ways you can work with or against it. For instance, because my hair grows quickly, and I usually don’t get in to the hairstylist when I need to, I am fine with letting the stylist cut it slightly shorter than I want.  I may think my bangs are too short for a week or so, but pretty soon they are perfect.

Taking care of your hair by  patting instead of rubbing it dry, avoiding the towel-turben (I’m guilty of this), brushing your hair with gentleness, and limiting heat-styling will all contribute to fewer split ends and keep your haircut looking good longer. Additionally, you can try certain natural or retail products to increase your hair’s moisture and shine. Getting enough healthy oils and vitamins like A and E in your diet will  also help keep your hair from looking dull.

No matter how well you take care of your hair, the point will arrive when you have too much of it. If you want to hold out for a few more weeks or months before getting a cut, consider trying a new hairstyle that will complement your hair’s current length or layering. For instance, consider side-sweeping or pulling back bangs that are too long, or utilizing chic up-dos if your hair is getting too unruly. If you’re short on ideas, I highly recommend Pinterest.

These are just a few ways I’ve found to save money while keeping your hair looking (and yourself feeling) great.

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