Frugal Beauty: Tips from the Pros

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In an effort to save money on looking and feeling their best, many people take the do-it-yourself approach to beauty. It’s a common thing to color your own hair, do your own manicures and pedicures, even facials and waxing. There are even undoubtedly some brave and frugal souls out there who cut their own hair. When it comes to beauty care, however, no one knows as much about beauty, inside and out, as those in the profession.

That’s why I asked the team of beauty professionals at Imagine Peace Studio in Glenwood, Illinois, for their best frugal beauty tips. Here’s what Team Imagine shared:

6 Inexpensive Beauty Tips from Salon Professionals

  1. Water treatment: Our skin needs H2O! Drink lots of water and your skin will look more radiant and plump. Water gives your body the tools to purge and clean the pores.
  2. Product purity: Avoid products with parabens and unnecessary fillers, such as wax products.
  3. Brush with beauty: Brush your hair! Invest in a good boar bristle brush and treat yourself to a few moments a day to brush your hair. Gently pull the brush through your hair while running over your scalp to remove build up, and dry skin. It will also increase blood flow for a healthier head of hair.
  4. Smooth skin: Treat yourself to a facial! Exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, moisture and massage will reveal fresh, healthy skin.
  5. Healthy habits: Exercise, treat your body to healthy food and avoid empty calories!
  6. Good company: Surround yourself with good people that bring out the best in you. It will make you feel beautiful on the inside and outside!

Team Imagine obviously believes that there’s a lot we can do to enhance our beauty on our own. What could be more frugal and basic than water, a hair brush, a pair of athletic shoes and good friends? Those are the major money-saving beauty necessities the ladies suggest and like most things, the simpler, the more economical they are.

As for beauty products, I’ve discovered that although high-quality products for hair, skin or nails cost more, they generally perform better and you use less, which makes the initial price less of an issue. Since with beauty products you generally get what you pay for, it’s actually a wiser choice to pay a bit more to get high quality products. Salons that sell professional beauty products sometimes have large sizes available for purchase that offer more economical per unit pricing than smaller sizes, too.

Beauty Salon Savings

You can also save when using the services of the beauty pros themselves. Keep these tips in mind to save when you go to your favorite salon for some primping and pampering:

  • Visit the salon’s website to look for coupons or specials that may be available.
  • Ask about quantity perks. For example, “Have your hair colored 11 times and the 12th time is free.”
  • Follow, ‘friend’ or ‘like’ your favorite salon on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites where they have a presence. Businesses frequently offer exclusive coupons and specials to their social media community.
  • Check out the daily deals on discount coupon sites like Groupon or Living Social. They frequently feature savings on salon services.

The beauty professionals concur: it doesn’t have to cost a lot to look and feel beautiful. Take good care of yourself, use quality products and be on the lookout for savings opportunities. Those are the beauty secrets of the pros!

How do you stay frugal and beautiful?

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