Manicures: Tips For Staying Polished and Prudent

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A freshly-done manicure does a lot for a woman’s self-confidence, and the opposite is also true.  Poorly groomed nails and chipped polish can throw off even the most professional look. While some women might view $20-$40 weekly or bi-weekly salon manicures as a non-negotiable expense, others either can’t afford them or can’t stand to spend that much money on themselves. The following tips can help you reconcile your desire for manicured nails with your need to operate within a budget.

Forget customer loyalty. Although you may feel pressure to remain loyal to a certain salon or nail technician, shopping around could save you money while not sacrificing your preferences and standards. Call salons in your area to get rates on manicures and any special deals that may be going on. Don’t be afraid to mention that you are comparing rates with other salons; your salon may match them to keep your business!  One of the advantages of moving around is that full-service salons often offer discounts to first-time customers. Nail salons located in shopping malls tend to offer lower rates since they specialize in nail services and benefit from higher customer traffic. If you are leery of trying a new place, ask for recommendations from your friends or acquaintances with immaculate nails.

Change from acrylic to gel nails. The latest rage in the nail world are gel polishes that brush on like polish but have the longer-lasting qualities of gel nails. CND’s Shellac is a popular brand. Whereas normal nail polish may only last 2 weeks at best, Shellac or other gel polishes can last 3-4. This means less money out of your pocket per month. While gel nail manicures are a little more expensive than normal manicures, you’ll still be saving more by not needing them re-done as often.

Do your own. Lastly, you don’t have to go to the salon to get a professional-quality manicure. With the right tools, a few tips, and maybe a few YouTube videos, you can accomplish a professional-looking manicure in about 45 minutes. Just slapping on nail polish without the proper preparation and follow-up is not going to cut it, though. Here are some basics:

  • Use a cuticle softener and push back cuticles, but don’t cut them.
  •  Wipe your nails with rubbing alcohol and buff them to create a smooth surface.
  • Always use a base coat and top coat to help polish adhere to your nail bed and remain intact as long as possible. Put top coat on the ends of nails to delay chipping.
  • Apply two thin layers to avoid smudging and achieve a salon-quality look.
  • Use light colors with shimmer or sparkles if you are prone to making mistakes.

The initial investment in at-home manicure supplies may be around $50 for a quality manicure set, base coat, top coat, and polish; but subsequent manicures will cost you next to nothing, bringing your monthly manicure costs way down.

Professional-looking nails, whether you choose to go to a salon or do your own, don’t have to be something you skip as an unnecessary expense.  Follow these tips to save money, get long-lasting manicures, and enjoy the confidence that comes from a look that is polished, including your nails.

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