Looking for Free Samples? Here’s Where to Start

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One of the best ways to get what you need is to get it for free! Frugal living is all about stretching your dollars, and taking advantage of free samples can provide you with a good way to do that. From beauty samples to baby food samples, it’s possible to find a number of quality products for free. You just have to know where to go.

Here are some great sites that provide free samples that you can use:

  1. FreeMakeupSamples.com: Just what the name says, this web site connects you with companies offering free samples and providing coupons for free products.
  2. Free Beauty Tips: Includes a free samples link that takes you to where you can get samples of a variety of products and services. And the site includes free tips on how to wear makeup.
  3. Lavera: If you are interested in organic and natural beauty products, head here. Free samples of beauty products that haven’t been tested on animals.
  4. Free Sample Forager: Get help finding some of the best free samples with this web site. A variety of health and beauty products is available.
  5. Now Smell This: You can get access to perfume reviews and free samples. Includes information on the latest scents, as well as coupons and discounts.
  6. YeahBaby.com: You can get free samples of baby food and other products for your new addition. Sometimes, there are even free maternity clothes!
  7. Earth’s Best: This organic baby food company offers free samples of, and coupons for, some of its products.
  8. Baby Cheapskate: You can find free samples on this web site, as well as deeply discounted products and services associated with babies.
  9. Coffee Fair: If you like a good cup of coffee, you can get it at this web site, offering free coffee samples from a variety of sources. Overcome the latte effect with free coffee.
  10. Free Coffee Samples and Free Coffee: Fill out the coffee sample request form, and get free coffee delivered to your door. A great way to try new brews — for free!
  11. TalkToTheVet.com: If you are looking for pet care freebies, you can head to this web site for a handy list of free products.
  12. America the Beautiful Fund: You can get free seeds from this web site. If you are into planting a garden, you can save even more money on food when you get free seeds.
  13. Garden.org: If you have extra seeds from your garden, you can swap them for seeds that you need. Figure out what you have too much of, and what you want. Then, head on over to the seed swap for what you need.

It’s possible to find any number of things for free if you look for them. You can also ask for free samples at department stores, doctor’s offices and other places of business. If you have a favorite brand, visit the official web site and look for special freebies and offers. With a little hunting around, it is possible to find free samples of many of the products you use most.

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