Ideas for Saving Money on Date Night

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If you are looking for ways to save money on date night, there are a number of options when it comes to frugality. And you don’t just have to save money by having a date night at home. Here are some ideas to shave some of the costs associated with going out:

Make it Date Day, Instead of a Date Night

If you have school-age children, this works really well. You can have a date during the day instead of going out. This works because lunch costs less than dinner. Additionally, if you go to a movie, a matinee usually costs less than a movie at night. Plus, if you go out while your children are in school, you don’t have to pay for a babysitter. This can provide big savings, since the cost of babysitting is always on the rise.

Even if you can’t get off work to take a whole day, it might be possible to meet your significant other for lunch, or for some other activity. It’s a way to spend time together — frugally.

Find Free or Discounted Things to Do

Another option is to find free things to do in your city. Many museums have free admission days. If you live in a university town, there are usually student recitals and concerts, art exhibitions, and other activities that are free, or that cost very little. You can have a good date for little more than the cost of a babysitter.

Other free options include outdoor activities, like picnics in the park. Long walks, window shopping, biking, and hiking. Consider ways that you can spend time together without spending too much money. The idea is that the time spent in each other’s company is more valuable than what you could spend money on.

You can also look online for discounts. Discounted gift certificates to restaurants in town, or to activities. You can use coupons and daily deal sites to help you find better deals and save money — and you might even find the inspiration to try something new when you use these resources.

Arrange Babysitting Exchanges

If you are concerned about the cost of babysitting, you can arrange to save money by exchanging with other couples that you know. You can take turns watching each other’s children. This works especially well if your kids are near the same age, and can play the neighbors’ children.

Many couples like to arrange babysitting co-op groups. This can provide a way for you to enjoy more evenings out each month. Even if you don’t save on the cost of the activity, you will save on the cost of babysitting. Be careful, though, to be selective when it comes to choosing the couples you exchange babysitting with. You want to make sure that they are people you trust.

Bottom Line

It’s possible to find creative and inexpensive ways to go on dates with your significant other. You can save money by going at different times of the day, or by finding alternatives to traditional babysitting. While it can be nice to spend an evening in, there’s no reason to avoid an evening out on occasion.

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