11 Affordable Ways to Renew Your Home and Spirits While Waiting for Spring

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Spring is within sight but the fact remains that there are still several weeks, if not months, when Winter remains in charge of the weather. Despite some dreary, cold days, though, our creative juices often get anxious for activity around this time of year – to fix, make, revamp or tidy up something in our environment.

Even though the weather may not be conducive – yet – to gardening, outdoor maintenance and Spring cleanup, there are things you can do indoors to satisfy your urge to renew your surroundings. There are a couple bonuses to spending the last bit of Winter improving your indoor environment: It will help the time pass more pleasantly because you’ll be indulging that creative urge and you’ll end up with an improved, more livable home.

You needn’t take on a huge project – or a costly one. You can make some big changes for little or no cost. Think about the biggest pain points you encountered while being “home bound” during the Winter months. Solving your most vexing household problems will make the biggest impact in improving your outlook as you await Spring.

Here I’ve brainstormed some do-it-yourself projects. Some will require spending a little bit of money and others primarily your time. Tackling one or several of these types of undertakings indoors will refresh your home along with your frame of mind.

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  1. Closet makeover – Cleaning out a closet can make a huge difference. Just imagine how much easier it would be to find and put away items if your closet space was optimized and more user-friendly!
  2. Storage bins – We all have stuff to put away that we don’t because it doesn’t actually have a place to go. Eliminate that excuse by investing in some storage bins to declutter your environment.
  3. Rearrange furniture – It’s sure to revitalize your outlook when you change up your room configuration. You may discover a more efficient traffic flow in addition to a fresh perspective.
  4. New accessories – A few new throw pillows, a bedspread, area rug or shower curtain can freshen up your living space for just a few dollars.
  5. Paint – Whether you’re touching up some dings or changing colors completely, never underestimate the power of fresh paint to freshen up a room.
  6. New curtains/window coverings – Changes to your windows changes more than color and texture – it changes the way light enters your space, which makes a huge difference.
  7. Plant seeds – Starting plants from seed is an economical way to have a booming, varied garden. If space allows, plant some seeds now so they’ll be ready to plant in your garden as soon as weather permits.
  8. Plan your garden on paper – The next best thing to planting a garden is to bring it to life on paper. Now’s the time envision what goes where and to research new plants and their requirements to optimize your gardening success.
  9. Clean carpets – Winter undoubtedly did a number on your carpets. Cleaning them now will spruce up your home, removing dirt, odors and allergens for a fresh start come Spring.
  10. Clean out your pantry and freezer – Take stock of the foods you have on hand. Cook up the “Wintery” ones to make room for lighter fare and outdoorsy cooking to come.
  11. Organize photos and recipes – We have so many of both – and they’re everywhere – in boxes, in drawers, on our computers… take time to put them in order so they can be accessed and enjoyed!

There’s so much you can do now – before it’s officially Spring – to renew your life and surroundings.

How do you refresh your environment and spirit when it’s not quite Spring yet?

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