Romance Without A Price Tag

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As romantic holidays approach, many people (especially men) feel the pressure to find the perfect gift for their loved one. Partly in protest of the commercialism that has taken over these holidays, and mostly to make an effort to show a more meaningful expression of your feelings, make an effort not to buy your Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day gifts from a store this year.

Traditional gifts of romance include flowers, cards, and chocolate. These things are fine, and are almost always well-received. But why not step out of the box by putting some extra time and effort into a romantic gift that can’t be bought? To get you started, here are four ideas. Use them to come with something unique and especially suited to your loved one.

  • Hand-write expressions of love. You may not be artistic, but the effort you put into a hand-made card will mean more to your love than a pre-written store bought one. And don’t limit these notes and cards just to romantic holidays – romance your special someone all year long by leaving little notes on the bathroom mirror, in their lunch box, their coat pocket, or on their dashboard. If writing is just not your thing, look up a poem that expresses how you feel and copy it into your card, or look up “I love you” in different languages.
  • Recreate-a-date. It may be the first date you had, or a special date, but it should be one you remember well. Rent the same movie you watched and visit the same restaurant (or better yet, cook a similar meal and decorate your kitchen to look like it). If you are close to the location of the date, blind-fold your partner and take them there to enjoy a picnic lunch or a midnight stroll. Try to incorporate as many details as possible to recreate the mood and stir up the feelings you had when you were first in love.
  • Play together. Is there a hobby your partner especially enjoys which you don’t often do together? Nothing says “I love you” more than taking time to do something together that one or both of you especially enjoys. Wives, this might mean accompanying your husband for a round of golf or getting out onto the paintball field. Men, this might mean spending a day shopping, or watching a chick flick. The more you step out of your comfort zone, the more meaningful it will be.
  • Be spontaneous and adventurous. Long-term relationships tend to lose some of their spark as couples settle into a routine and seldom vary from it. Re-introduce romance into your relationship by doing something new and fun. Have you always wanted to go dancing but been too nervous to try? Do it together, so it will be a new shared experience just for the two of you. Encourage each other to try new things and explore a little, and your relationship will only grow stronger.

Don’t just spend money on gifts that will wilt, get eaten, or thrown away, and leave no memories behind. Go the extra mile to create a meaningful gift or experience your loved one can cherish for years to come.

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