How to Have Elegance and Romance on Valentine’s Day (Without Growing Broke)

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Every year, Valentine’s comes and goes without any of the hoopla and excitement you know your significant other deserves. And every year, you apologize for not having the money to spend on them that you wish you had. Stop wasting your time and ruining your memory with useless excuses.

Your significant other deserves all the gold in the world, but it doesn’t mean they don’t love your attention and effort even more. With a little planning and little expense, you can give your loved one all they were dreaming of.

All they really want is YOU.
Follow these 3 simple, frugal steps to woo your valentine all over:

1. Think outside the heart. What kind of setting do they love? Are they a blanket picnic on the beach person? Set up a faux shoreline in the den, then turn on Youtube for some free but romantic ocean sounds. Maybe they like being out in nature. Take a trip to a park you haven’t been to in ages. Perhaps, a stroll along a quiet street would make their heart sing. It’s the little things that bring happiness, so think about where they’d love to be, then go there or recreate the setting in your own home. They’ll love the gesture as much as, if not more than, any diamond.

2. Give the gift of love. Think about a small action that would speak volumes in the romantic setting you’ve arranged. A picnic on your homemade beach, or a special treat on your stroll down that quiet street. Think about what the two of you shared in the early days of romance so you can bring it to life again. Taking the time to think about your significant other and the things that make them happy will impress your Valentine far beyond the temporary excitement of a dozen overpriced, soon-to-be-dead red roses. Think outside your routine and leave them reeling.

3. Tie it with a bow. You created a romantic setting that your loved one loved. You made an impression with that special gesture or treat. Now, finish it off with something extra special: The words you always want to say to them, but feel you are too clumsy to say. Forcing yourself from your comfort zone will make them sing more than any diamond ring. Your partner wants to hear how much they are cherished and adored, giving you a chance to make a BIG impression for a little price.

Take a few moments and plan a personalized setting, a special treat, and some super sweet sayings so you can woo your Valentine, just like you did when your fire for each other was first lit.

You will keep your money in your wallet, and your Valentine’s heart beating just for you.

Saving money on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that your love has to wait another year for the gift they deserve. Saving money means they will get a bigger gift than they ever thought you could give.

What special place will you take your Valentine to this year?

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