6 Ways to Save Money This Autumn

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As the seasons change from summer to autumn, so do many a daily routine. Children are back in school, the weather changes dramatically and time is focused differently. All these changes to our day-to-day routine can knock our budgets off kilter. The negative effect of these autumnal adjustments on our household budget can be minimized by planning and paying particular attention to a few details, including:

1. Household maintenance – Changing seasons makes it even more important that certain household maintenance is performed. This will keep operational costs down and help prevent damage caused by severe weather. Attend to these bits of maintenance around your home:

  • Furnace – A clean furnace is an efficient-running furnace. Vacuum up dust in the unit and replace the filters. This is a good time to have it checked out and tuned up by a professional to ensure it runs properly and at peak efficiency.
  • Insulation – Add some insulation to drafty areas to ensure your home’s heating stays inside where it belongs. Caulk or insulate air leaks around windows and doors, both inside and out.
  • Gutters – Those gorgeous falling autumn leaves can quickly clog your gutters, making it difficult – or impossible – for them to do their job of siphoning water away from your roof. Prevent costly roof damage by cleaning them out before heavy storms come your way.

2. Automobile maintenance – Cold weather can be hard on your vehicle. Save yourself from costly repairs and inconvenience by attending to these vehicle issues before winter weather is upon you:

  • Tires – Properly inflated tires give you better gas mileage. Tires with good tread will help you drive – and stop – more safely when conditions are poor.
  • Fluid levels – Oil, antifreeze, brake, transmission and window washer fluids should checked for optimum vehicle performance throughout the cold weather.
  • Emergency supplies – Prepare a kit to keep in your vehicle to help you deal with emergency situations that includes a flashlight, blanket, small shovel, emergency flares, non-perishable food and waterproof matches.

3. Plan / prepare for holidays – Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner. Don’t let them blind-side you! Take time now to establish a timetable, a budget and a plan so you won’t be forced to spend time or money impetuously due to lack of preparation.

4. Cook in bulk – Cooler weather makes the prospect of preparing and cooking meals in advance a more appealing endeavor. Back-to-school means more activities, school happenings and a string of holidays for which to prepare. Having meals prepared ahead of time you can get on the table quickly and easily makes it less likely you’ll resort to pricey takeout food when the family has places to go and things to do.

5. Take care of everyone’s health needs – When people are closed up against the cold weather, germs spread more readily. As you approach the cooler months, prepare for the likelihood of increased illnesses. Missing work due to illness is never good for finances. Get flu shots now when they can provide the longest protection. Also, stock up on basic remedies like cough syrup, decongestants and analgesics so you won’t have to run out for them when someone is already sick.

6. Review your yearly budget – As the end of the year approaches, now is an opportune time to review how you’ve done financially. Where has your money gone? Where have you strayed from your budget? What needs adjusting as you plan for the year ahead? The answers to these questions will inform you as to where you can spend more wisely, cut back or save more.

Autumn is full of changes that don’t have to break your budget.

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