Not into Fantasy Football? Try This Instead

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It’s fantasy football season again, which means sports fans all over the country (80% of which are men) are gathering to draft their teams, fill their rosters, configure their stats, and…well, whatever else they do. For the rest of us (non-sports fans, and mostly women), what else is there? After all, the idea behind fantasy football isn’t that bad. It involves strategy,  number-crunching, social activity, snacks, and even cash winnings.  Most people, whether sports fans or not, enjoy all of those things.

In light of the need to fill this gap, a few couples came up with an alternative to fantasy sports designed to appeal specifically to women. It’s title? Battle Shop.  This online game combines a love of shopping, social media, games, (and Pinning) with a fun competitive twist.

The concept behind Battle Shop is that every week, a clothing theme is chosen. Each player must virtually ‘purchase’ and fill their ‘closets’ with a wardrobe that fits the theme and falls within the specified spending limit. Wardrobes are then presented for voting, which is done by the users themselves. The top three most appealing wardrobes are awarded $100, $50, and $25 American Express gift cards. It’s as simple as that.

While most women would begrudgingly agree they could stand to spend less on shopping, this competitive game allows them to  enjoy the activity of shopping without spending money.  If you really think about it, shopping can be satisfying even without buying anything. Currently the game is free to set up and doesn’t require regular participation. Just jump in whatever week you want to create a wardrobe and have a chance to win. While the site, only in its second year, may charge a fee for membership later on as it grows (like most fantasy football sites), the prizes garnered by sponsors and advertisers will likely be more than worth it for the die-hard player.

If you’re worried that this game might suck up too much of your time, the owners report that most visitors get on a few times a week for about 20-30 minutes. This is less of a time commitment than fantasy sports, which can take up several hours a week during the peak season. Who knows — the game may eventually be available as a smartphone application, so you can play while on the go.  As far as frugality goes with pastimes, this one is financially sound. By playing Battle Shop, you will:

  • Boost your creativity
  • Hone your bargain-finding skills
  • Learn how to budget
  • Satisfy your ‘shopping bug’ without the temptation to spend
  • Potentially win cash prizes (to spend on shopping!)

So, if you enjoy shopping and find yourself bored while your spouse or friends are spending time on fantasy football this season, check out Battle Shop. I definitely will!

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