Why You Should Focus on Your Health

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Lately, I’ve been making a bigger effort to focus on my health. I’ve made daily exercise a priority, and I’m in the process of baby-stepping my way to nutrition. I even make it a point to get adequate sleep and engage in self-care when I need it.

All of these things are combining to provide me with better health. I’ve noticed some benefits from this new focus on health — including learning more about how better health can help my finances.

More Energy

First of all, I feel better overall. Making my health a priority has allowed me more energy to accomplish other tasks in my life. I feel like I can get more done in the day without resorting to a nap. While I do make time for meditation during the day when I feel like I’m lagging a little bit, I no longer sleep away the afternoon.

This means I’m more productive with my work as well. My focus has improved — especially if I sit down to work right after I exercise. I am able to get my work done faster, which leaves time for other fulfilling activities like music practice and community involvement.

Better Mood

My mood has also improved, which is great in terms of the way I interact with my son. I’m more patient with my son, and calmer about other situations as well. It’s easier to maintain my equanimity when I feel more energetic, and when my exercise and nutrition allow me to be more clearheaded and make better decisions.

Exercise provides endorphins, and cutting back on junk food has also been good for my thought processes. I’m in a better place, and better able to cope with difficult situations. Sleep also helps with being able to cope with anxiety.

How Better Health Helps Your Finances

I also see the potential for better health to help my finances in the long-term. First of all, better health means fewer doctor visits and potentially less need for expensive prescriptions. This is a money-saver right there.

Additionally, my low health needs mean that a high-deductible plan is right for me. I can also use a Health Savings Account (HSA) for tax-advantaged health care savings down the road. I have lower monthly insurance costs and a tidy nest egg building because of my low health care needs due to improved health.

When you have good health, you are less likely to miss work due to sick days. This can help you be more productive and earn more money. You might even be able to show yourself ready for a promotion or raise because of how your attitude and abilities at work manifest. In my case, it just means that I am able to write more and receive better pay.

In the future, I expect that my focus on health now will mean a better quality of life. My retirement years will be healthier — and less expensive — because of my decision to work on better health today. I already enjoy the benefits I’ve seen so far, and I truly see my investment in my health as an investment in my future.

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