Wearing Designer Clothes And Trying To Save Money Isn’t An Option – Unless You Shop Here

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Are you tired of wearing rags with an expensive price tag? I don’t mean monetary price tags, I mean mental ones.

Saving Money Gives The Wrong Impression
Let’s face it, clothes amount to a lot more than an outer layer for our physical selves. They are billboards about how we feel about our inner selves. When people see us wearing whatever we can throw on, they get the idea that we don’t care about us.

A shabby outfit broadcasts that we’re okay putting on whatever we happen to have on hand because we don’t value who we are inside.

But that’s not true. We put on what we can afford because, well, we can…That doesn’t mean we’re happy with it. Give someone the opportunity to by name brand clothing, and more often than not they will – because it feels good to look good.

But are you making the wrong sacrifice?

Don’t sacrifice taste

You don’t have to sacrifice taste for price tags. You want style. You want designer digs. But you don’t want, or can’t, pay the ridiculous prices marked on the label.

So you skip the stores with the beautiful clothes you’d love to wear, and do your shopping in the places with the cheapest prices and worst designs.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can have it all

If you know the right places and the right times, you can have the designer clothes you love at prices you can afford. It’s simply a matter of learning the ropes. Once you know how to get them, you’ll never put on old rags again.

Your clothes can tell the world how good you feel about you once more.

Consignment makes it possible

Once shunned and looked down on, consignment is now a hot spot for finding stunning clothes you love to wear. Find consignment shops in your area and hit them often. Shops often sell their clothes for 30-90% off of the original tag! But you must make it a weekly date so you can scoop those items you want most, before other savvy shoppers.

Keep your eyes open for clothes that still have the tags dangling for an added bonus. Clothes sold in consignment stores have often never even been worn. These are your bonus buys. They may cost a bit more, but they’re usually worth it.

If you’re looking for a seasonal piece for an upcoming holiday, a consignment shop is a great place to find barely worn seasonal clothes.

Christmas, Halloween, and Easter pack a BIG punch with consignment shops. You’ll be able to find beautiful pieces to wear for your next holiday function, without spending an arm and a leg for new clothes.

And lastly, if you want to get the best bargains before everyone else, volunteer to help your local consigner and you’ll get repaid with a first sale option! For an hour of your time, you could snag the season’s hottest looks.

What are your tips for getting designer clothes at an affordable price?

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