Finding the Bargains: Where Do Your Favorite Stores Offer Savings?

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Frugal shoppers often do marketplace recognizance to discover the best bargain when shopping for high-ticket items. We make larger purchases less frequently so we often consider them more carefully than purchases we make every day. When  we put as much research into routine purchases as we do when we make larger purchases, however, we save even more. It comes down to seeking out the best prices, savings opportunities and stores.

I try to use the same shopping strategies whether I’m making a major purchase or small routine purchase. I generally have a plan as to where I’m going to purchase something before I shop for it. I have a handful of “regular stores” where I shop frequently and know well. Keeping my list of regular retail destinations short makes it more likely that I’ll actually follow through on my shopping strategy and avoid impulse buying.

This strategy puts you in control of your shopping dollars. Becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of stores and products available results in overspending for what we need and want.

These are some of the stores I shop and what I’ve learned about them that helps me save money:

  • Food 4 Less – This is my go-to grocery store. Even though I subscribe to a weekly email sales flyer, there’s often a $10 off $50 coupon in their newspaper ad.
  • Aldi – They sell private-label groceries and a variety of special-purchase items. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else for eggs, milk, yogurt and bread because their everyday prices on these items can only be beaten by an exceptional sale. A number of their private-label items are as good or better than name brands with much lower prices. A monthly trip to stock up on these staples is part of my shopping routine.
  • CVS – As  a “preferred customer” I receive coupons via email on a regular basis, usually for 20% – 30% off non-sale items or a flat $5 off a $25 purchase. Several important things about this store are: First, their regular prices tend to be high so it’s a poor choice for running in for something I may have forgotten elsewhere. Second, I can save big by shopping carefully and combining their sale prices with their $5 off deal or using their percentage off coupons for stocking up on their store brand products. Third, shoppers can earn “extra bucks” which are $1 – $5 savings certificates, redeemable on future purchases. When organized with care, a trip to CVS can yield significant savings.
  • Target – We asked our doctors to prescribe generic medications from their list of low-priced generics. That way, we can purchase a 90-day supply of our medications for $10. Since we find ourselves picking up a prescription or so at least once a month, I keep a running list of items to purchase at Target, which has generally decent everyday pricing on most items.
  • Old – Having created an account with them, I regularly receive 20% -30% off offers from them. Once my purchase qualifies me for free shipping, my percentage discount is deducted so it’s like a double savings.
  • – With an enormous selection of merchandise at excellent prices, we check here whenever we’re considering an out-of-the-ordinary purchase. Whether it’s printer ink, kitchenware, clothing, towels and linens, a faucet, jewelry, electronics and accessories… you name it, Amazon probably has it. Also, many of the items they offer qualify for free shipping, saving you money, time and gasoline.

Greater savings can be yours when you make the effort to discover where the good prices are and how to get the best deals on the things you buy whenever you can.

What are your specific saving strategies?

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