Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

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Summer’s here and so is the heat. July and August can be some of the worst months with temperatures often in the upper 80s or 90s throughout most of the U.S., particularly in the South and West. Just as northern states complain about heating bills in the winter months, hotter areas of the country may find themselves cringing when their electric bills come in the mail after these hot summer months. The following are some practical ways to save money not only on your air conditioning units or system, but by keeping your home as cool as possible to reduce cooling expenses.

Air Conditioning Systems

When you shop for an air conditioner, be sure you are getting the correct size unit for your purposes. Larger rooms will need higher BTU models, whereas smaller units are fine for smaller spaces. If you get too large of an air conditioner for the space you are cooling, it might be nice and cool, but you’ll be  using more energy and electricity than you need to. Most air conditioners have information right on the box that will tell you how many square feet the model is recommended for.

Also be sure to check the energy efficiency rating. If you already have an older air conditioner or central air system, you should consider replacing it in order to save yourself money. Sure, the old one may still work, but it will not be working as efficiently as a newer model designed to save you money (and be a good steward of energy resources).  If you have central air, you’ll want to look for a level 13 or better; if you are buying a window unit, you’ll want a rating of 11 or better.

Be sure to properly maintain your air conditioner by changing/cleaning the filter, providing it proper space outside to disperse hot air, and, if possible, providing a shady spot for it.

While you’re using your air conditioner, the higher you program the thermostat, the less energy you’ll use. Seventy-two to seventy-eight degrees should be a sufficiently comfortable temperature while you are home. If you’re wearing long-sleeved clothing while indoors, it may be a sign your air is set too low. On the other hand, you may want to set it for as high as the low 80s while you are away. You don’t want to set it so high that it takes a long time for your system to cool it back down once you are home, but turning it up when you won’t know the difference is a great way to save money.

More Energy-Saving Tips

To keep your air conditioning from having to work as hard, here are some tips on how to keep your home cooler, naturally:

  • Keep direct sunlight out of your house; plant shade trees and shrubs outside to keep out the sun.
  • Turn on a ceiling fan instead of the air conditioner on cooler days, or to disperse air conditioning more efficiently so the air conditioning doesn’t kick on as often.
  • Make sure you are not cooling the outdoors. Seal up holes, cracks, and drafts promptly, just as you would for winter months.
  • Avoid generating heat inside your home on hot days, such as lights you aren’t using, electronics, dryers, or the stove.

Ensuring that your air conditioner is efficient, properly maintained, and accommodated, as well as following simple steps to reduce your house’s need for air conditioning are the easiest ways to save money on your energy bills this summer while still beating the summer heat.

Bonus Tip:

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