Springpad: Technology That Helps You Save Money

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The more we know of technology, the more aware we are that while it can make life easier, it can also be a money-drain. It seems that every day we are bombarded with a new gizmo or gadget that promises to make our lives a little better — and our wallet a little lighter.

But what if technology can help save us money — rather than constantly draining our coffers? It can happen — technology can provide us with savings opportunities – and here’s one way it can do just that:

Springpad is a FREE online organizing service that allows you to make lists of…well, anything you want to remember, including things to-dos, appointments and important dates. Check it out at springpadit.com. But above and beyond those obvious things that most any organizer program can help you keep track of, in Springpad you can make wish lists of items you want to buy (like video games or a spa day at your favorite salon), need to buy (like groceries or new tires) and anything else for which you are in the market. You can even create a list of restaurants at which you’d like to dine and places you’d like to visit (like museums or theme parks). Springpad strives to organize all aspects of your life into one centralized repository

Your Springpad lists are then accessible from your computer or mobile device. Mobile access is especially convenient when you are shopping. Of course, as a frugal shopper, you already make shopping lists because you know that they help you to buy only what you need and avoid in-store enticements which tempt you to spend more than you need to. Lists also help you remember what you need so you can avoid making extra trips to the store, which can also prove costly as well as waste your valuable time.

A new feature of Springpad pulls information from the Internet specifically pertaining to the items on your lists. Using this information, Springpad sends you alerts when there is a price reduction on a wish list item, something you need goes on sale or a coupon or deal is available for a product on your grocery list or at a place on your list. For example, if you have indicated on one of your Springpad lists that you’d like to try the new Italian restaurant in town and Groupon offers a deal for that restaurant, a Springpad alert will bring it to your attention. How convenient is that? Being alerted as to when it’s a good time to make a purchase, rather than being left to your own devices — that’s a feature bound to help you avoid impulse buying.

How do you receive the alerts from Springpad? Recently, in addition to the alerts appearing only on the Springpad website, it has integrated with mobile applications so you can access the alerts on the fly. Notably, there is a Springpad app for the iPad and one for Android. So when you are out shopping, you can discover where there’s a sale on those new bath towels you’ve had your eye on. And you can get a coupon for the soy sauce you need for the chow mein you’ve been wanting to cook.

It’s heartening to know that all technology doesn’t necessarily translate into a cost. Springpad combines lists you already have with information that is already available to provide a powerful and customized savings tool right at your fingertips.

What could Springpad help you save on?

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