Re-purpose Your Way to Garden Decor

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Now that it’s April, you’re probably doing some Spring cleaning around your home. That may include cleaning out closets, the basement, attic or garage. While you may be tempted to throw away a lot of items, donate them or hold a garage sale (all of which are good ideas) before you do, try to see them through new eyes. Some of those items may have new life in them, if only you can see it.

Consider re-purposing items you may be tempted to give the heave-ho. They may no longer serve the function for which they were built but with a little creative thought, you may be able to use them for something else around your home or yard.

Especially now that Spring has sprung, you may be giving some thought to your yard decor. Every store we go to this time of year seems to be selling things to decorate the yard, from wind chimes to garden gnomes. But are knick-knacks for the garden really the best use of your money? You’d probably rather spend more on plants themselves than flower pots and trellises. Maybe you don’t have to buy anything new this year. Maybe there are a few items lurking around that – when cleverly used – could spruce up your yard and garden without costing you a cent?

Of course I’m not suggesting that you drag all your surplus stuff into your yard and make it look like you’re having a constant garage sale. Just a few creatively repurposed things might really freshen up your yard in a different-than-the-neighbors-decor way.

I’ve brainstormed several ideas from some of the stuff around my home that needs to do more to earn its keep than take up space. Maybe you have some of the same types of items that you no longer want or need that could make a great addition to your great outdoors:

  • Indoor shutters – These were hanging in our bedroom when we moved into our house. They were a bit too 1970’s for my taste so into the garage they went. These could make a nice garden backdrop or a short fence.
  • Children’s plastic chairs – These are perfect little flower pot stands – colorful and weatherproof.
  • A 12’ length of flexible 6” pipe – This too could serve as a garden backdrop, separator or, curved into a circle and filled with soil, a garden all its own.
  • Bowling ball – I’ve seen them placed in gardens, like a gazing ball, as a focal point.
  • Broken fan – How about placing it among the plants to catch the wind? The movement of the blades will chase away garden pests.
  • Old pots and pans – You may have to knock a few holes in the bottom for drainage, but these could make clever planters – especially if a cook lives in the house. Larger ones could be used to catch rain for watering plants.
  • Broken file cabinet – This could be decoratively painted (or camouflaged) and used as a sturdy plant stand. If the drawers still pull out, you could put flower pots in them for a multi-level display.
  • Old desk – Think ultimate potting bench!
  • Old flatware – With some fishing line and a few hooks you may have around the house, voilà! new windchimes!
  • Old dishes – These could be used for bird baths, small planters or, if they’re colorful glass, attractive, reflective highlights in gardens.
  • Large picture frame – Propped up in your flowerbed, it could appear that you’ve framed a lovely live garden scene.

These are just some ideas from my garage to your yard. Happy re-purposing!

What potentially decorative or useful treasures are hiding around your home?

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