Inexpensive Summer Fun for Kids

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Kids look forward to summer all year long, but once it’s here those days can drag! A bit of structure can help with that along with some of these free or low cost summer activities.

Summer Camp Coop

Even if you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on day camp, your child could still have lots of fun with friends while you get a break.

Summer camp coops are run by small groups of parents who agree to rotate taking care of an amusing all of the children. Each host parent provides games, activities and snacks for the kids while the rest of the parents enjoy their day of peace and quiet.

These work best with relatively small groups of close friends. Be sure to spell out how to handle discipline issues, food and sick kids before the coop starts.

Freebies at Local Museums and Attractions

Many museums, gardens, nature centers and other centers run frequent free days during the summer, particularly those that are run with public funds. A few even give free summer memberships! Check availability by visiting their website, Facebook fan page or Twitter account.

Some public libraries also have free passes to these sorts of attractions. Call to check if this is available in your area.

Bowling and Movies

Bowling and movies are not only awesome indoor fun, it’s also common for local alleys and movie theaters to offer summer specials like “Kids bowl free” and discount weekday kid matinees. Again, do a bit of online searching to see what’s available in your area.

Don’t Forget to Read

Let your kids experience the joy of losing themselves in a great book this summer. A visit to the library is a great way to pass the time and get free books to read.

As a bonus, encourage your children to write and illustrate their own stories and plays. It’s a good way to build literacy skills while having a great time.

Have Regular Arts and Crafts

Yes, it can be mess and you might feel a bit intimidated if you’re not particularly artsy yourself but it’s a wonderful way to encourage your child’s creativity and keep them busy and happy. You don’t have to invest in expensive art supplies; often found materials work just as well and you can incorporate finding them into your day.

Do have your children help with cleaning up after themselves and putting art supplies away. This helps thing stay organized and fun as well as teaches them responsibility.

How do you keep your children busy all summer?

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