Frugal Party Activities That Provide Halloween Goodies

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Halloween has so many components: Costumes, treats, decor, activities, parties… Before long, the costs of celebrating the holiday are not “treating” your budget very well. Fortunately, there are ways to have a fun-filled Halloween while being frugal with both your money and your time. Consider hosting a Halloween party with activities that actually create something that can be utilized on Halloween. Think of it: Halloween fun AND decor made, costume created or treat prepared.

Depending upon the activity, the item(s) made at the party could be taken home by the attendees or a drawing or contest could be held to determine a winner.

Party Activities That Yield Halloween Goodies

Here are some fun-for-all ages Halloween party activities that can yield items for your holiday celebration:


Pumpkin decorating party – Pumpkins are the definitive symbol of Halloween; there are so many creative ways to carve and decorate them, a pumpkin decorating party is sure to make for a fun-filled gathering. Littler folks may enjoy decorating their pumpkins with markers, paint and glitter while saving the sharp instruments for the adults. If you’re of the competitive sort, you can make it a competition for the best-decorated pumpkin in a variety of classes.

For the die-hard pumpkin carver, check out this site with a plethora of pumpkin carving templates. 

Make your own luminaries – This activity utilizes lunch-sized paper bags, scissors, pebbles or cat litter and a votive candle or glow stick. Simple Halloween shapes are cut out of the bag (like a pumpkin, cat, witch hat, bats, spider…). Pour the pebbles or cat litter into the bottom of the bag to weigh it down and place the candle or glow stick inside. Set these luminaries outdoors after dark; they cast an inviting glow along a driveway or walkway or up the side of a staircase.

Make your own scarecrow – This is a fun group party activity. Each invitee is asked to bring a particular component to assemble a scarecrow, like an old pair of jeans, flannel shirt, length of rope for a belt, a pumpkin for the head, straw for hair, work gloves, bandana, a straw hat, boots, miscellaneous items for facial features and stuffing material. Working together, party-goers assemble the parts into a scarecrow.


Costume potpourri – This party activity is like playing “dress up.” It’s fun and may – or may not – result in a creative and unique costume for each of your friends. Instruct your guests to raid that bag of clothes sitting in their closet that they haven’t yet gotten around to donating and bring six of the most “interesting” items to the party. Combine all the clothes brought by guests into a pile. Each guest takes a turn choosing one piece of clothing until all the items are taken. Guests then trade items until they feel they’ve got a “cohesive” costume to take home.

Click here for some additional costume creativity.


Make your own Halloween edibles – If you love to cook, host a Halloween food/treats party. Cooking can be a fun activity with friends, whether they’re youngsters or adults. These festive foods can be enjoyed at the party and extras sent home as “treats.”

Here’s a collection of pumpkin foods, featuring actual pumpkin or pumpkin-shaped foods.

Additional Resources

Click for many more frugal and clever Halloween decor ideas.
Click for a plethora of Halloween ideas.

It’s as smart to be frugal with your time as it is with your money. These ideas will help you save both while enjoying a fun and festive Halloween.

How do you save money – and time – when celebrating Halloween?

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