Drink Water to Save Money AND Your Health

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Beverage choices are a matter of personal preference, but evaluating them by their cost and health impact reveals a clear idea of which one is the absolute best for you: water. We live in a world of choices, and beverages are no exception. Who wants to drink plain water when there are so many other tastier and colorful options? We all know that sugar-laden carbonated beverage are some of the worst for us, containing empty calories and artificial flavorings. Water is the obvious choice for your health. But are soft drinks really any more expensive than drinking bottled water? That’s a good question, because honestly, many brands of bottled water are just as expensive (and in some cases, more!) as soft drinks. Beverage companies are very aware of the consumer trend toward healthier options such as vitamin-infused (but still sugar-laden) waters as well as good old-fashioned  water. With that in mind, here are some practical ways I’ve learned to save both money and my health while drinking the most natural beverage of all.

If you must drink bottled water, be a smart shopper. Some people insist that different brands of water taste superior to the tap they have at home, although I have yet to experience this. Some people do have poor-quality drinking water at home with a taste that isn’t improved by filtering. If this is you, keep in mind that you are a target for consumerism. The water that’s packaged in a slick-looking bottle with a cool brand name is essentially the same water that fills the cheap store-brand varieties. Save yourself a few dollars and buy cheap water. If you insist on being a water snob, at least look for coupon deals on large packs of it instead of buying singles every day. When you purchase water from a vending machine, you’re paying for the convenience, so keeping a pack at home in the fridge and bringing one to work with you will save you a lot of money in the long run.

For optimal savings, filter your own water at home. The best option for saving money, the environment, and your health is to filter your own water at home. It really isn’t that much work to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. It’s become such a habit of mine that now I feel lost without it! If you don’t have filtered water at home, there are even filter-bottles you can buy that only require cheap replacement filters every few months, based on how often you use the bottle. If you have a water cooler or fountain at work, refill your bottle up there.

Make it interesting. If you find drinking plain water a chore, add some flavor without the calories or chemicals by squeezing in fresh lemon or lime, other fresh fruit, or sprigs of mint. Again, retailers are catching on to this trend and creating bottles with fresh fruit diffusor compartments. If you enjoy iced or hot tea, this is another easy option to prepare at home inexpensively. Learn to enjoy the fresh flavors of the herbs in your tea instead of adding sweeteners, or if you must, add just a touch of honey.

I cannot begin to calculate the savings and health benefits drinking water almost exclusively the last ten or so years has awarded me. Water is the best possible beverage choice for your health, and one of the few beverages you can enjoy almost anywhere absolutely free.

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