Creating the Closet of your Dreams

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If there is one thing that most homeowners agree upon, it is that they don’t have enough closet space. Even new homes, built with plenty of closet space seem to run out fairly quickly. Partly we can credit our inclination to hoard things well beyond their useful lifespan, the rest of the problem stems from inefficient design.

The habit of hanging one long bar and several shelves in a space and designating it a closet doesn’t make worthy of the name. There are many ways to improve space usage, and here are some basic steps toward having the closet you want.

Measuring is the First Step to Success

Measure the inside of your closet space, length, breadth and height. Many people remember that up is a great place to put things that aren’t often used.

Next, draw a plan, more or less to scale, but with measurements, so you can visualize where to put everything. Remember that in the corners, you have to leave room for a shelf on one wall butting up to the other wall.

Calculate how long the longest item you plan to hang drops and add about a foot, so it doesn’t ever touch the floor. This also leaves room to place shoes on the floor. Above that height, plan to store things that are moved seasonally or don’t get used often.

Go to a Home Store and Look at Options

Most people have a visual nature, which means seeing things work better in person than on line, but you can use either method to determine what kind of storage system you want.

The easiest, and cheapest, closet organization systems are made of coated wire. You can get very fashionable with fancy wooden units and glass fronted cabinets, but it isn’t necessary.

To hang cabinets you need to be able to accurately place the hanging board on the wall, drilled into the studs. Then you hang the cabinets on it and drill through again. This usually involves two people and more expertise.

For wire shelving, you use a level and measuring tape to determine where everything will go then use the provided hangers to place the shelves, posts and hanging racks as you determined in your drawing. You will need a metal saw, wire cutters, a drill, screw drivers and a hammer to complete this project properly.

Work from One Side to the Other

With all your anticipated supplies at home start by marking all your lines. Then, whether working with a walk in closet or one that is simple a straight unit, start at one side and begin hanging the shelves. Work your way around methodically and carefully. Small variations in height can make a big visual difference, and it will annoy you for as long as you use the closet if things aren’t level.

Many storage modules are available for use with the most common sizes of wire racks and closet systems. The crates and bins help you create a personal look that is neat, organized and attractive. Over a weekend and with only basic tools you will have the closet of your dreams ready for use.

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