Cheap Summer Home Renovations

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Summer is the perfect time to take on some of the projects you don’t have the time, daylight, or cooperative weather to complete the rest of the year. And, if you’ve always thought of renovating your home as major and expensive, it doesn’t have to be. Even minor repairs and updates not only spruce up your home for personal enjoyment but increase the value of your home. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or simply want to improve its value for a re-financing appraisal, here are some simple, inexpensive ways to get the most satisfaction (and value) for your time.

Create More Space
Storage is a huge issue with older homes since modern families accumulate more stuff than ever. Creating more space will not only make your home more liveable while you’re in it; it will increase the value to potential buyers who don’t want to put money into renovations. If you need more closet space, consider either ready-to-install closet systems available at retailers or, if you have the skill, build your own using resources from your local home improvement store. Numerous home renovation websites allow you to plug in dimensions and use interactive software to customize your closet space to meet your needs. Just adding shelving in areas such as pantries, closets, laundry rooms and bathrooms will immediately increase their storage capacity.  Placing inexpensive cloth or plastic bins on shelving units effectively hides items while keeping them accessible (purchase them in neutrals so they will coordinate well even if you re-decorate.)

Coordinate and Update your Appliances
Appliances are usually at the top of the list for renovations because they out-date or wear out more quickly than other parts of the home. Purchasing new appliances when necessary will keep you home functional, but replacing them just to create a new look is expensive. So how do you create a new or more modern look to the appliances you already have? Consider having them painted. There are a few ways to do this — hire a professional, or do it yourself. Appliance paint is available at most home improvement stores and can help you color-coordinate miss-matched appliances while covering up minor flaws. Another little-known trick is that many appliances such as dishwashers feature a different color on the underside of the cover panels that can be easily flipped for a new look.

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle
A fresh and newly improved bathroom makes a huge impression on potential home buyers, and fixes are usually easy and inexpensive. Even steps as simple as replacing toilet seats, vanity mirrors, faucets, chipped tiles, installing a pedestal sink or replacing vinyl flooring can vastly improve the appearance of a bathroom and instantly increase the perceived value of your house.

Focus on the Little Things
It’s amazing what a difference changing a few simple things can have on the entire appearance of your home. Small improvements such as changing out doorknobs, installing new light fixtures, painting doors, and painting in general can make a huge impact while at a fraction of the cost of a complete home renovation.

If you don’t have the skill or time to do these kinds of small projects yourself, consider finding an affordable and dependable handyman. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations and call around to to get the best bang for your handyman buck; many of these independent contractors are affordable and fast and can complete several projects for you in one day.

Taking the time to do a few cheap home renovations this summer can not only save you money in the long run on your mortgage or home sale; it will immediately increase your enjoyment of and pride in your home. In fact, completing projects with your whole family can be a great way to save money, spend time together, and have fun with your kids this summer.

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