5 Ways to Lower Your Health Insurance Rates

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Everyone knows that beginning a health insurance plan before you need to use it- while you are still healthy- is the best way to get a great deal on your monthly premiums. But do you know how your health insurance company sets your health insurance rates?

There are many factors that health insurance companies use to help determine your health insurance rates-such as the health condition of other members in your group health plan, your employer’s contribution to your monthly premiums- but your overall health status is the one area that you can actively seek to improve in order to get a lower rate on your health insurance rates.

Lose Weight
Maintaining your weight at a level that is considered to medically acceptable is one of the best ways to lower your health insurance rates. Your weight should be within the normal BMI range (your Body Mass Index range is calculated using your height, sex, and current weight). If your BMI falls in the overweight or obese category, your health insurance rates will soar.

Get Regular Exercise
Many health insurance applications take into consideration how often you get regular exercise. Since exercise can help keep you fit and trim, this is a good indicator for the health insurance company that gauges your over-all health condition.

Stop Smoking
Even occasional tobacco use can adversely affect your health insurance premiums and may even disqualify you for a quality health insurance policy all-together. Smokeless tobacco (snuff), chewing tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, and pipe smoking all qualify as tobacco usage. If you have a tobacco habit and are thinking about lying on your application to get a lower rate, keep in mind that many policies require a blood test to clear you of tobacco usage. It really is best to quit smoking prior to applying for a health insurance policy in order to get a lower rate.

Don’t Drink
Alcohol consumption is another factor that can raise your health insurance premiums. Even occasional or weekend drinking can trigger a rise in rates, so don’t give the insurance company an excuse to hike your premiums- stop drinking several months prior to applying for a new health insurance policy.

Don’t Guess
Don’t list health conditions that have never been diagnosed on your health insurance policy. If you “think” you were treated for a peptic ulcer 10 years ago, but aren’t sure, check with your doctor for a list of diagnosed conditions prior to filling out our policy and list only those conditions on your application.

Getting a lower rate on your health insurance policy essentially boils down to caring for body and being smart about filling out your application. Maintain a healthy weight, get regular exercise, stop smoking, don’t drink alcohol, and don’t guess about your diagnoses to help get the lowest rate possible on your next health insurance policy.

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Bethy @ Credit Karma August 15, 2012 at 10:52 am

These are definitely great tips for life in general. These are the things you CAN do something about. You can’t change genetics and predispositions, but you can change your lifestyle.

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