5 Frugal Goals for the New Year

by Miranda Marquit · 1 comment

I’m not always the poster child for frugality. Indeed, I have plenty of vices that cost more money than perhaps they should. Which is why 2011 is a great year for improving my frugality. Here are some of my money goals for 2011:

Throw Away Less

Sometimes I’m inclined to throw stuff out, just to not have to deal with it. However, this isn’t always the best way of doing things. I can make my items last longer with proper care. And, before I throw something out, I can see if someone else needs it, or if it is in good enough condition to donate to the local thrift store. An essential part of a frugal lifestyle is wasting less.

Think More About Purchases Before Making Them

I’ve vastly improved in my efforts related to conscious spending, but there is room for improvement. After my home flooded, and we went through all of the ruined items and threw them out, it occurred to me that I still buy stuff that just ends up in the basement — waiting to be ruined (or never looked at again). In 2011, I will work harder to justify my purchases. Maybe instituting a waiting period before I buy anything is in order.

Have a Better Plan for My Credit Cards

I really think that, used properly, credit cards can be part of a frugal lifestyle. I do have a plan for my credit cards, but I don’t always stick with it, and I realize that I may not be using my cards as efficiently as possible. So I will evaluate my current credit card spending plan, and see where improvements can be made. Then I will create a plan that can help me maximize my money.

Clip More Coupons

I am not the most diligent coupon clipper out there. I know that coupon use has been on the rise since the recession began, but I haven’t participated much. I am still a casual coupon clipper. I get a few coupons here and there, but they don’t amount to much, and I know I could be saving more. In 2011, I will work on creating a plan to improve the way I clip coupons, possibly setting aside some time each week to do coupons. This should help me save a little more money.

Get Rid of Subscriptions

Hopefully, 2011 will be the year that I get rid of a great many subscriptions. The cost of subscriptions can add up, and often I don’t need what I am getting. I will review the publications I receive, as well as my TV subscription, and even my Netflix subscription. With straming becoming more popular with Netflix, the type of subscription I have there might be more than I need.

Learn to Make More Meals from Scratch

Even though we eat most of our meals at home, some of them are created from pre-packaged foods. I cook basic foods, and I make my own soup from scratch, but there are a number of dishes I could learn how to prepare. By improving my cooking knowledge, I can plan meals that are less expensive — and healthier.

Do you have some frugal goals for 2011?

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Maggie January 9, 2011 at 1:29 am

I don’t eat in restaurants because of the sodium content. All my meals are made at home. Cooking from scratch is easy. It doesn’t have to be elaborate.

I gave up subscriptions, cable packages (I only have basic) years ago. I have a basic cell phone, no bells and whistles.

I was in the process of downsizing in preparation of selling my house and made numerous large donations of clothes, books, videos, household items, not just kitchen stuff to the Vietnam Veterans Association of America. They sell the item to thrift shops and the proceeds go directly to the vets.

With a little planning, life can be simpler when you realize what you can do without/don’t need.

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