Make it Last: Saving Money By Using What You Have Longer

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One of the best ways you to save money as part of your frugal lifestyle is to use what you have for as long as you can. Replacing items can start to add up in cost. However, if you know how to make things last, you will find that you can save money in the long run. Part of this is starting out with items of good quality, and the other part is doing what you can to keep the item in working condition for as long as possible.

Here are some of the general things you can do to take better care of what you have:

  • Follow manufacturer recommendations for proper care and maintenance.
  • Properly store items that need to be put away.
  • Avoid using unnecessary roughness when using the item.

When it comes to specific things that you use regularly, there might be some other ideas for what you can do to increase the amount of time that they last. Here are some things to consider:


My brother drives car that is older than he is. It was my grandmother’s car — brand new in 1983. It has been well-maintained, so it still gets a driver from point A to point B. The interior is still in good condition, and it runs reasonably well. It’ll probably last a few more years. If you want your car to last longer, taking care of it is a must. Follow recommendations for maintenance (transmission flush, exhaust, spark plugs, filters, radiator drain, etc.), and have repairs performed in a timely fashion so that they don’t turn into bigger issues. Keeping your car clean can also help.

You can also help your tires last longer by keeping them properly inflated, and by rotating them regularly.


Your flooring can be quite expensive to replace. You can help it last longer by taking care of it. Vacuum regularly, and shampoo your carpet and your rugs at least once a year. Try to keep from bring dirt in. We take our shoes off while in the house to avoid bringing in dirt. Another thing we do is limit eating to certain areas of the house. This keeps food crumbs from being scattered around the house. Clean up messes quickly, and try to change things around on occasion so that wear is more evenly distributed.

Your linoleum and wood flooring should also be kept properly maintained. Follow directions for cleaning and treating other types of flooring, and do your best to avoid scratches.


Many people find that their beds wear out quickly. You can make a mattress last longer by flipping it every so often. Also, rotating the mattress so that the areas where your feet and head alternate. A mattress pad can help you keep your mattress cleaner (the mattress pad can be washed). You can add a mattress topper to extend the life as well. Instead of buying a new mattress recently, we bought a memory foam topper. It cost less than the mattress, and it feels like new.


Clothing experiences a lot of wear and tear. A good portion of it comes from the way you launder it. Using cold water, as well as the gentle cycle, can help you limit damage to your clothes. Line drying can also help. The dryer can be quite hard on your clothing, and air drying it can reduce damage. Proper care of your clothing can help it last longer.

Do you have tips for making different items last longer?

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