4 Places to Save Money on Concert and Sports Tickets

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I love experiences. I’d rather go out to eat or attend a concert than buy a new TV or purchase some item for my home. I feel life is enriched by experiences. However, it’s not always cheap to enjoy experiences. When you want to attend sporting events or concerts, you can expect to pay a price.

The good news, though, is that there are ways to save money on concert and sports tickets. If you know where to go to get cheap tickets, you can reduce the overall cost of your excursion, and still have a great experience. Here are some of the places I like to go when looking for cheap tickets:

1. StubHub

One of my favorite places to look for tickets on the secondary market is StubHub. It’s possible to find deals on sports, concerts, theater, and more. I’ve bought tickets to see comedians through StubHub, but I’m most likely to get sports tickets this way. You can usually have the tickets delivered electronically, although in some cases you need to have hard copy tickets sent to you.

I also like that there is a loyalty rewards program with StubHub. The last time I bought tickets, I ended up saving an extra $50 because of my rewards.

2. Flash Seats

Flash Seats is great because there is no paper involved. You can swipe an electronic ID (such as a credit card) at the gate to get your seats. It’s also very easy to transfer your seats to others, and get reasonably-priced seats that are guaranteed. It was a little strange to get used to the way Flash Seats does things, but if your venue uses the service, it can be worth learning the ropes. You can get access to concerts, sports, and more. Search by your favorite team, or by location, to find the event you’re looking for.

3. Vivid Seats

One of the cool things about Vivid Seats is that it’s possible to combine your sports, concert, or theater tickets with travel and hospitality packages. This means that you can get transportation, VIP access, and customized add-ons for different events. You can even put together party packages and corporate group events with the help of Vivid Seats, which includes road trips and even luxury tailgates and field passes. You’ll pay more for some of these experiences, but it makes it easy to really have the experience of a lifetime.

4. SeatGeek

If you are looking for tickets to an event, SeatGeek can help. It allows you to search for tickets for sporting and music events, and more. It’s an aggregator that allows you to compare ticket prices from around the web. It includes interactive seating charts, so you know exactly where you will be. Another great feature of SeatGeek is the fact that you can see when something is a great deal. A green dot indicates that you are getting an amazing deal. SeatGeek makes it easy to see where you will sit, and access great deals from around the web — from one easy website.

Bonus Tip:

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