You’re Not Saving Because You’re Not Negotiating

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Are you struggling to save money every day, and on everything you buy? How much could you save if you knew how to effectively negotiate?

The bottom line isn’t always the price tag on an item. If you’re willing, and know how to do it, you can negotiate prices on everything from big tickets to everyday products.

This doesn’t mean you should stand in the grocery aisle and negotiate the price of a carton of eggs. But, you could haggle with the butcher over his price of meats, if you’re buying in bulk (maybe even if you’re not). Negotiate right and you’ll lower the bottom line on many of the items you use every day –even if you’re a woman.

Haggling, negotiating, dickering, making a deal – whatever you want to call it – works if you have the know-how to do it. Follow these five simple steps before starting your wheeling and dealing to  save every dime, every time:

1. Love it, but don’t need it. If you love something so much that you need it, you’ve lost the battle before the first shot was fired. Salespeople can read your need. They know if you’re in love with an item and they’ll use that to get their highest price. Making the sale becomes a fight for survival once they know you don’t need their product.

2. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Be confident when you talk to your salesperson, your strength means they won’t be able to strong-arm you. Speak clearly, and look them in the eye when speaking. Know what you are talking about and what you want to say.

3. Be confident, but friendly. Being nice to a salesperson can save you even more in the relationship. This technique can get you free items in a lot of places, too…not just at the negotiating table. Make it a habit to ask people how they are and how their day is going. Forget the freebies…this just makes you feel good, too.

4. Ask what they can do for you. This is part of being confident. By asking them what they can do for you, you assume the power role in the negotiating relationship. They’ll often give you a number that isn’t as low as what you wanted, then…

5. Tell them what you want to pay. When they give you an offer that isn’t what you wanted, tell them what you were looking to pay. If they say no…

Give them your card, tell them to call you if anything changes and walk away. Don’t ever take the salesperson’s card. That’s a shift of power. You want to stay in control from the moment you enter the store or showroom until the second you leave.

Using these tips, you’ll be able to get the items you want at a savings you need.

What are your best haggling tips?

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