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One of the most impactful features of a room is its window treatments. Whether designed to let in light or provide privacy – or a little of each, what covers your windows makes a big difference in a room’s look and usability. While they’re an important element to your home, it needn’t cost a lot to have stylish, appropriate window coverings.

While some window treatments can indeed be costly, many features of those pricey options can be replicated with more affordable materials. If you’re willing to apply some creativity and do-it-yourself time, you can create fashionable and customized window treatments at budget-friendly prices.

Here are some ideas for choosing and/or making lovely, customized, economical window treatments for your home:

Alternative window treatment options

Innovative materials for curtains, valances and rods
Instead of purchasing curtains per se, consider using other large pieces of fabric, such as tablecloths, bed sheets, towels or shower curtains. These less-traditional fabrics can make beautiful window coverings and are considerably less expensive than actual curtains. In fact, you may have the ideal item sitting unused in your linen closet, just waiting to be re-purposed. It may only take slight modifications or the right hanging solution to create completely unique and inexpensive curtains or valances.

A traditional curtain rod is only one solution; a curtain can be suspended from a shower curtain tension rod, a length of PVC pipe, a dowel, a tree branch…

Embellish existing curtains or shades
Using paint, appliques, buttons, sequins, ribbon, fringe or extra coordinating fabric, plain curtains, blinds and shades can be decorated, customized, revitalized and even expanded in size to match your window’s needs and your room’s decor.

Window film
This removable decorative film, usually made of acrylic, is attached to the window itself. It obscures view through the glass while allowing in light.

Glass etching
Etching is a process by which acid is used to create decorative opaque areas on glass. Etching is a permanent solution and obscures direct view through the glass while allowing light to pass through.

Keep these factors in mind when considering window treatments:

Practicality – There are so many attractive options; make sure the ones you choose fit the application. For example, window coverings in the kitchen should be easy to clean because of splashes and greasy accumulation. Treatments for bedrooms should take privacy and light-blocking into consideration.

Measurements – Measure carefully when purchasing or making window treatments because proper fit is crucial. Gaps will allow unwanted light to enter and look unattractive. Blinds, shades and curtains are available in standard sizes at considerably cheaper prices than custom sizes.

When buying or making curtains, it creates a particularly lush look to use two to three more panels of curtains than needed to span the window.

Cost of rods and mounting hardware – Remember to factor in the costs of those materials that will be necessary to install your window coverings. They can cause the cost of a window treatment to skyrocket if you don’t purchase wisely and/or find a creative solution.

Ability to self-install – As important as choosing or creating a beautiful window treatment is your ability to install it correctly. A crooked or uneven installation will make it look cheap. Try not to take on more than you can successfully accomplish.

Window treatments can make a room look stylish while providing a desirable amount of privacy or daylight. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to have great window treatments; it only takes some creativity, know-how and the willingness to do some of the work yourself.

Don’t miss our section on home coupons, where you may find promotions for window treatments from time to time. What creative window treatments have you done in your home?

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