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When many people think, “vacation,” they think summer. The weather’s warm, children are out of school and there are plenty of places to go and things to do. Summer, however, isn’t necessarily the best vacation season for your wallet. Vacation destinations often charge higher rates during the summer months because, well, they can, and enthusiastic vacationers are willing to pay them.

If you’re willing and able to vacation during the off-season, however, you can find some inexpensive deals providing all the fun for a fraction of the cost. Spring getaways, before Memorial Day, take advantage of favorable weather conditions, thinner crowds and bargain rates in many locations around the world.

Check out this list of 18 places all over the world that are affordable in the spring.

Tips for finding inexpensive spring getaways

Focus on vacation destinations that are just approaching or just concluding their busy season. For example, the Caribbean is a popular destination in the dead of winter but you can still bask in the tropical warmth and sun into May while enjoying lower prices on accommodations.

Be wary of the weather. Investigate the climate of places you’re interested in visiting. Many destinations around the globe are experiencing their rainy season or are too hot or cold to be pleasant in May. Make certain that unpleasant weather isn’t the reason that a particular destination is affordable.

General tips for affordable vacations

Begin your affordable vacation by planning it for the spring – May is perfect for many destinations! Then supercharge your saving by heeding these tips:

  1. Rather than staying in a large city or popular tourist site, find smaller nearby towns for lodging and meals. Going just a bit off the beaten path can help you save, while being close enough to see and experience all you came for.
  2. Look into all-inclusive packages. They can be quite affordable, so don’t discount them without investigating first. In addition to providing convenience and value, you’ll know in advance how much your lodging and meals will cost for vacation budgeting purposes.
  3. Consider the economy of the area where you’re traveling. Some locales are simply more expensive to stay, dine, travel and sightsee in. Consider the rate of currency exchange when leaving the USA – the dollar goes farther in some countries than in others.
  4. Avoid buying things in pricey “tourist traps.” Of course you wouldn’t want to miss a visit to Times Square when visiting New York City but buying anything there – from meals, to souvenirs to a bottle of water – is going to be significantly more expensive than buying any of those things just a few blocks away.
  5. Think outside the box for authentic experiences. Investigate the local area and a variety of its potential attractions before you go. This deep-digging will mine you more fun and creative, less-expensive activities than just hitting the usual, well-known sites.
  6. Should you fly or drive there? If there’s a choice, consult to determine if it’s cheaper to drive than to fly. Determine your priorities: While flying’s faster, when you drive, you have your own car and won’t need to incur the cost of renting one.
  7. Plan ahead – and be flexible. Booking travel and accommodations well in advance will probably get you the best rates. Make an itinerary but also be on the lookout for inexpensive things to do and places to eat on the fly.

Beat the crowds. Beat the unpleasant weather. Beat the in-season rates. Spring travel can be a wonderful way to experience an amazing vacation destination at a bargain price.

Where have you enjoyed affordable springtime travel?

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