Take Advantage of Holiday Sale Prices to Save on Everyday Items

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Many items that merchants promote and put on sale as “holiday items” are the same things we buy everyday. From food to clothing to home decor and gift-wrapping supplies – they’re not exclusively for the holidays. Since we use these items on a regular basis – and not just at the holidays – we’re presented with a great savings opportunity.

Take advantage of holiday sales to stock up on those items you’d buy anyway when prices are low. Even if you don’t need it now, you ‘ll appreciate pulling a bargain-priced ham or turkey from your freezer in a few months when you have unexpected company to feed; or having the perfect cocktail dress already hanging in your closet when you receive that wedding invitation.


Large gatherings, visiting friends and family, get-togethers and holiday baking call for specific types of food. Some foods that go on sale at the holidays are:

  • Large cuts of meats – turkeys, hams, leg of lamb and large roasts
  • Popular large meal accompaniments and ingredients- white potatoes, sweet potatoes, fresh and canned vegetables, stuffing mixes, baking mixes, canned soup and gravy
  • Spices, herbs, seasonings and extracts
  • Baking supplies – flour, sugar, yeast, cookie decorations, food coloring, dried fruits, pie fillings, nuts, eggs, shortening and butter
  • Wine and spirits
  • Entertaining foods – cheese, spreads, crackers, coffee, coffee creamers

Household Items

With all that food being prepared, stored and given away, household items can also be found on sale. This is an opportune time to purchase bargain-priced storage bags and containers, aluminum foil and disposable baking and roasting pans which you may use all year round.


Many clothes go on sale at the holidays. Your family wears jeans, for example, all year ‘round so why not buy several extra pair when they’re low-priced? Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up during the year. Formal wear is also on sale so shop for something elegant to wear to an upcoming a wedding, party, graduation, reunion or other special event.

Home Decor

Candles are but one example of a home decor item that you’ll find on sale at the holidays. If you’re not particular about colors or scents, you can stock up affordably on a variety of styles and sizes.

Serving ware can also be found inexpensively at the holidays. You’re sure to find pieces that will suit not only a holiday party but look lovely used at a Mother’s Day brunch or a Thanksgiving feast.

Gift Wrap

Shop for versatile solid color gift wrap and bags while they’re cheap. Even traditional holiday colors of red and green can be used to wrap gifts throughout the year; so long as they don’t have an obvious holiday design, they can be used for a variety of occasions. Silver and gold can add a touch of elegance to a birthday or anniversary gift. Before buying more gift wrapping supplies this year, check what you had leftover from last year to avoid having an overabundance of wrap you’ll only use once per year.


Yes, especially toys! Birthdays for youngsters come around throughout the year. If you find a great toy at a great price for a five-year-old, buy an extra to give her friend when she turns five in a few months. Not only will it save you a few dollars but also a special trip to buy a gift when the occasion rolls around.

The holidays present a great opportunity to save on things we buy everyday. Stock up on things you use while they’re holiday-priced.

What items do you use everyday that are sale-priced at the holidays?

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