Smile! Choosing a Professional Photographer for Your Special Event

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Summer brings about many momentous occasions, like weddings, anniversary parties, reunions; the types of events that you may very well want to capture with photographs. While virtually everyone is in constant possession of a camera on their person these days, special occasions such as these may be cause to employ the talents and experience of a professional photographer. A professional is adept at capturing both the little and big moments of an occasion with an objective and creative eye, while freeing up participants to enjoy the event itself. Not to mention, professional photographic equipment is far superior to that which the average person carries and will produce much better images. If you can possibly afford it, a professional photographer is worth the investment to record the memories of these once-in-a-lifetime events.

There’s no doubt, however, that the services of a pro don’t come cheap – nor should they. The expertise, talent, experience and equipment they bring to the party are worth a lot. Ideally, you want the best quality and service that you can afford, without paying for that which is superfluous. Here’s how to choose the right professional photographer so that your dollars are spent wisely and you come away with the best possible photographic record of your occasion:

Wise Choices When Considering Professional Photography

  • Get a feel for the photographer’s work. Even if you’re working with a studio, meet the specific photographer who will be photographing your event in person. Look at his or her actual photos and not just representative photos from several photographers employed by the studio. Do they please your eye? Are they the types of photos you’d like to see of your occasion? Examine the small details – are the photos well-balanced and pleasantly arranged? Ask for references and contact some previous customers for feedback on their experience and their level of satisfaction.
  • Get a feel for the photographer’s personality. The best photographer for you will be able to convey that they can and will:
    • put subjects at ease in order to capture the best shots
    • respect your requests for specific photos
    • be flexible and “go with the flow” of the event rather than being unnecessarily rigid
    • exercise their creativity to capture the flavor of the occasion
    • capture spontaneous moments
  • Pay for what you need and nothing more. Photography “packages” can be confusing and probably include items you don’t want or need. While they may seem to represent a bargain because of all they include, you may be better off streamlining your choices when trying to keep the cost down. If you must go with a package, choose a modest one that will provide the services you absolutely require. Remember that the point is to get those precious photos taken of your event. What you ultimately do with them can be decided once the high emotions of the event are said and done and you know which and how many of the photos you really want to purchase, copy and put into an album.
  • Limit the photographer’s time. Consider hiring the photographer for a finite amount of time rather than for the entire event. Get those portraits taken, some candid and casual photos shot, and have him or her be done. A professional’s time is much of what you’re paying for, so limiting the amount of it spent in the field could help keep down your overall cost.

You’ll be forever grateful to have recorded your special occasion with professional photos! The potentially high cost can be mitigated with careful consideration of your needs and the photographer.

How do you keep professional photographer costs down?

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