Should Every One Try to Be Self-Employed?

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One of the trends on the rise right now is an increase in self-employment. I’m part of this trend, since I have my own freelancing business. I like being self-employed. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with making money from home. I do this as my “full-time” job (even though I rarely work “full-time” hours anymore).

However, not everyone wants to be self-employed. This path isn’t for everyone.

Advantages of Working for Others

Technically, even if you are self-employed you work for others. You have customers and clients that you have to please. However, it’s not really the “traditional” definition of working for “the man.” Working a “real” job has its own perks. Now that my husband is no longer an adjunct and he’s working full-time as a college professor, we’re being reminded about just how great it can be.

These types of jobs come with healthcare that is subsidized by an employer (just like that, our costs are cut in half), and there is an employer match on the retirement account contribution (that’s free money). What my husband really likes about having a “real” job, though, is the fact that work is work, and it can be left there. When you are self-employed, especially if you work from home, you find yourself working at all hours sometimes. My husband likes to be able to clock out.

Being able to take a day off (which he did recently because he was feeling burned out) and still get paid for it is also a nice perk from having a 9-5 job. My husband may not work 9-5 because of his teaching schedule (it’s more like 8:30 – 5:30 MWF, and 11 – 4 TTH), but it’s still considered a “real” job. And he likes it because it offers some stability, and a set schedule.

There’s nothing wrong with want that sort of a paycheck, and nothing wrong with deciding that quitting and becoming self-employed full-time is not for you.

Make It a Side Hustle

Of course, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Many people enjoy working a side hustle. With a side hustle, it’s possible to enjoy the advantages of making a little extra money on the side without the need to quit the stability of your “real” job. If you are looking for a little more flexibility in terms of your finances, a side hustle can be a good way to go. You can make money in your spare time, and get a little extra for spending, or to pay down debt, or to invest. This money can shore you up, and allow you to feel peace of mind, without the need to quit your current job.

In the end, it depends on what makes sense for you. A combination of a side hustle plus a “real” job can add to your income diversity, as well as help you boost your overall finances, without the need for you to commit to one thing or another. Carefully think about your situation, the amount of risk you can handle, and then make the choice that works for you.

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