Seven Frugal Ways to Fend Off the Winter “Blahs”

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Now that the holidays are over, we often fall into a Winter “funk.” The anticipation and excitement of the holidays has ended, the weather is often unpleasant, days are short and for a few months, there’s not much to look forward to. It’s only natural to suffer from some degree of the Winter “blahs,” as a result.

Short of a taking a Caribbean cruise, how can you brighten up the next few months and avoid the Winter blues? Here are seven frugal ideas to energize yourself throughout the next few months of Winter:

  1. Think ahead! Spend some time planning a vacation for warmer, sunnier days. Explore places you’d like to visit on the Internet. Daydream about those places and the activities in which you’ll participate. Make a list of things to pack as if you were leaving next week. The process of putting your mind in a different place will actually serve as a mini-vacation of its own, taking you out of the present and launching you into a pleasant future.
  2. Surround yourself with nature. Take a day trip to an arboretum, botanical garden or even a flower shop. It does your mind and spirits good to be among beautiful living plants. Their sight and scents will rejuvenate you and remind you that Winter doesn’t last forever. Take photos so you can relive the experience. Treat yourself to a few bright blooms to brighten your environment.
  3. Cook yourself happy. Use your kitchen to brighten your spirits. Either cook hearty foods that warm and comfort you throughout the Winter doldrums – or, defy the weather and create a Summer picnic spread that will remind you of carefree, warmer days. A bonus to cooking is that you can enjoy the fruits of your labors, and nourish your body as well as your spirits. (Here’s how you learn without paying a bundle.)
  4. Look sharp! Even though the holidays are over, continue wearing festive colors. Just because the weather is dreary doesn’t mean your wardrobe needs to be. Bright colors can have a profound impact on your mood.
  5. Connect with others. Holiday parties and celebrations may be over but make sure you don’t suffer from a sense of social isolation. Cold weather isn’t as conducive to socializing as warm weather so it’s important to make the effort to get together with others regularly. Have a party for no particular reason; gather with friends or family for drinks or appetizers. Winter blahs put you in an isolated mindset. Maintaining social connections with others will help your mood stay high by helping you focus outward.
  6. Exercise your creativity. If you have a hobby, work at it. If you don’t, Winter is a good time to take one up. Warmer weather tends to inspire us to garden, play sports and generally recreate. The need to be creative doesn’t stop when the temperature falls so carve out some time to partake of an activity that occupies your mind and nourishes your spirit.
  7. Set new goals. It’s very inspiring to immerse yourself in a new endeavor. Maybe it’s losing weight, getting in shape, organizing your home or schedule, stopping a bad habit or starting a good one – it’s a great way to keep your mind off the Winter blahs. Maybe that’s another reason we make New Year’s resolutions

It doesn’t cost a lot to pull yourself out of the Winter doldrums. The key is to surround yourself with reminders of those times when you feel more energetic and inspired. Think about what those things are for yourself and include them in your daily routine.

How do you fend off the Winter blahs?

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