Save on Technology: Could a Tablet be the Only Computer You Need?

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When personal computers first entered marketplace, they were novelties – considered to be very expensive toys or technological gadgets. While early computers may have been for a select few, they have now entered the realm of must-have appliances. Nowadays, 30+ years later, it’s safe to say that the majority of people in developed countries around the world not only use computers but own some incarnation of one. No longer considered optional equipment, computers are implicitly tied to our everyday life as a crucial part of our work, education, communication and entertainment alike.

Thankfully, as their popularity and importance has risen, computer prices have dropped. Consumers can enjoy more computing power (storage space, speed and memory) for less money. Technology marches onward, no matter how its common users utilize it. Even affordable computers are capable of performing significantly more than many people will ever need them to do; a fact that leads to some people have considerably more computer than they actually need. This begs the question: Are you paying more than necessary for the technology you need?

It all began with the desktop models – behemoths that took up the better part of a desk in a home office. Then came the laptops, which freed us from one place while offering all the features of the desktop. For most home computer users, while the size and mobile capability of the equipment changed, what they did on the computer did not: accessing the Internet, checking/sending email, keeping up with social media, playing games, word processing, Skyping with friends and family… The convenience of doing those tasks from anywhere on a laptop is positively liberating – and you may be convinced that you’ve found the best of both computer worlds. What if, however, you needed to replace your current laptop today? How – and what – would you choose from today’s marketplace that would allow you to do all that you want on your technology without buying too much computer or ultimately paying more than necessary. Enter the tablet.

Could a tablet be the only computer you need?

While laptops and tablets are different devices, they can perform many of the same functions. A tablet may serve the computing needs for certain light, basic computer users. Could a tablet be a viable and affordable option to buying a laptop?

What is a tablet?
Basically, a tablet is a lightweight device that uses a touchscreen instead of a separate viewing screen and keyboard like a laptop does. Popular tablets on the market include the iPad/iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus and Microsoft Surface. Tablets also run a specially-designed operating system which is the key to why they’re ideal for “basic” computer functions: providing what you need and not a lot of “extras” you don’t.

Possible advantages of a tablet over a laptop

  • Simplified, streamlined computer experience – If your needs are basic, why deal with – and pay for – functionality and complicated processes you’ll never use?
  • Value – With a tablet, you’ll get a higher quality device for a price similar to that of a laptop.
  • Multitasker – Many tablets can be connected to a data plan via your mobile phone carrier to have Internet access on your device. They also can serve as a fine e-reader, negating the need for a separate purchase.
  • Less susceptible to viruses – A tablet’s operating system is less complicated than that of a laptop, creating less opportunity to be exposed to viruses.
  • Self-contained – A tablet has no external parts (like a mouse).

Depending upon your needs, a casual computer user could benefit in many ways from owning a tablet instead of a laptop.

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