Reading the Fine Print on Your Coupons

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Coupons are kind of like mini-contracts. There is an agreement between you and whoever issued the coupon. Oh, and with the store — since it honors the coupon. And, like any sort of contract, there is fine print to read. Go ahead, get out a coupon and look at it. You’ll see some fine print at the bottom, or on the back. That fine print provides insight into the terms and conditions of the coupon, and may even present some rather annoying limitations. Indeed, before you try to combine offers or use some other sort of couponing strategy, it is a good idea to read the fine print.

Which items can I get?

One of the biggest issues with coupons is the fact that what you can get doesn’t always correlate with the picture. Indeed, it’s not about what’s pictured; rather, it’s about what is in the fine print. Read carefully, looking for what the coupon is actually good for. You might find things like:

  • Only certain sizes (i.e. “1 ounce or bigger” or “2.4 oz and 3.5 oz only”)
  • Only certain varieties (i.e. “peach flavored only”, “does not include super sparkle”)
  • Limited number of items (i.e. “Two for the price of one, limit two per customer”)

So, even though there might be a picture of a certain variety that you want, if you read the fine print, you might discover that it isn’t available for use with the coupon.

Do you really have to buy two on BOGO offers?

In some cases, the coupon will say “buy one, get one free”. Many people assume that they have to get both items in order to get the BOGO. While this might be the case, it isn’t always. Some stores, and some coupons, allow you to get half off one iten, if you use the coupon. While you might find that this is not the case, it never hurts to ask. And, at the very least, even if you have to buy two in order to get the savings, you can store the other for later. Just check the expiration date, or give your extra item to charity, so that it doesn’t go to waste.

Internet coupons have fine print, too

You should also be aware that Internet coupons have fine print as well. Before you print the coupons out, double check to see what the conditions are. Some coupons that you find online are only good in certain stores. Others may only be accepted in particular states. Another concern is that your store itself may not accept online coupons. Call ahead before you bring in the coupon, just to make sure that you really can use it, and find out about other store coupon policies while you are at it.

Bottom line: Just like anything else, coupons have terms and conditions. You want to make sure that you read the coupons ahead of time so that you are not unpleasantly surprised when you get to the store and find out that the great deal you thought you were getting is not something you are eligible for.

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