Q-Tips: Wonder Product #2

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Q-tips are yet another household product we nearly always have on hand but take for granted and under-utilize in various areas of our home. Q-tips have been on the market since the 1920s, are completely biodegradable, and at less than $4 for several hundred, are one of the cheapest household necessities around. Take a look at some of these ingenious and creative ways you can use Q-tips in your everyday life to save money and accomplish tasks more effectively.

Use Q-tips in first aid
Q-tips are great applicators for antibiotic ointment, salve and burn cream, one of their most common uses in homes and doctors’ offices. It’s a good idea to keep Q-tips handy right in your first aid kit so you don’t have to search for them when someone gets hurt.

Use Q-tips as a beauty tool
Q-tips are great for makeup application or removal because of their ability to reach small areas. Everyone should know by now it’s not recommended to use Q-tips for cleaning your ears, as they actually compress wax further into your ear, and if used forcefully, can damage your ear drum.  But cleaning earwax is far from the only cosmetic or hygienic use of Q-tips. Use Q-tips to perform the following in your beauty routine:

  • Smudge eyeliner or shadow under your eyes
  • Remove makeup smudges through the day (Q-tips are much gentler on your skin than fingers)
  • Remove nail polish more effectively than with cotton balls
  • Clean or apply moisturizer to the outer lobes of your ears
  • Apply concealer
  • Freshen your perfume – take along a zip lock bag with perfume-soaked Q-tips to reapply to your pulse points

Use Q-tips as a cleaning tool
Q-tips can be a great tool in your housecleaning routine, again for their ability to reach small areas and pick up dirt and grime otherwise inaccessible. Here are some cleaning tasks Q-tips can make a little easier:

  • Cleaning in between keys on keyboards and other delicate electronics with rubbing alcohol
  • Dusting the inside of picture frames and the crevices of knick-knacks
  • Cleaning the grooves on bottle tops, the refrigerator, and inside narrow spouts
  • Touching up paint or refinishing furniture in small areas and corners
  • Reaching mildew in bathroom or kitchen grout with bleach
  • Dusting air conditioner and heating duct vents
  • Cleaning jewelry or silver tableware

Use Q-tips for pet care
Q-tips are gentle and effective at cleaning your pet’s eyes, outer ears and paws.

Use Q-tips for crafts and projects
Q-tips make perfect paintbrushes for children, and the best part is they don’t have to be cleaned.  They can also be used to adeptly apply face paint. Mature artists find Q-tips useful to precisely carve pottery, or paint model cars and figurines. Q-tips themselves are good building blocks for cottony crafts such as snowmen or snowflakes among other ideas.

These are just a few of the many ways to utilize this cheap, simple, common household item. Making the most of something you probably already keep in your cupboard is a practical way to save money, time and effort. Look around your house and you might find many other uses for the amazing Q-tip.

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