Making Money Online: Jobs that Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

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Many of us want to make more money. Earning a little more money would be rather helpful in many cases. You can use that money to pay down debt, increase your food storage, save up for retirement, or boost your emergency fund. A little increased cash flow can go a long way in the hands of someone committed to living a frugal lifestyle.

Interestingly, there are a number of things you can do from home for additional income. Plus, thanks to the Internet, there are new ways of making money from home, as well as entirely new careers based on developing technology and interconnectedness.

If you are looking for a new job that you might be able to do from home, here are three jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago:

1. Virtual Assistant

If you are reasonably organized, you can make money as a virtual assistant, performing tasks that business owners and executives don’t have time for. Virtual assistants handle a variety of tasks, from scheduling appointments to submitting blog posts to social media web sites.

It’s possible to be a virtual assistant and draft memos, answer emails, and even answer phones (if you have the right equipment and software) remotely. You don’t have to be on site to be a virtual assistant. You can make between $12 and $30 an hour — or more — depending on the tasks you handle and your level of expertise.

2. Social Media Consultant

There are small businesses cropping up all over the place, looking for people who can help them improve social media presence and performance. Social media is a big part of brand-building today, as well as drawing traffic to business web sites. If you are savvy with social media, you might be able to sell your consulting services.

A social media consultant helps businesses and brands craft consistent and engaging social media profiles. Additionally, a social media consultant can help you craft status updates and tweets, as well as coordinate contests meant to draw in customers and build a fan base. If you understand what makes social media tick, from YouTube to blogging to Twitter to Facebook, you can hire out as a consultant and help businesses and brands build successful social media campaigns.

3. Community Manager

The growth of the Internet has led to consumers being more aware — and more interested in interacting with brands. If you know how to interact with people, and you know how to keep the conversation moving in a positive direction, you could be a community manager. Community managers help start discussions, as well as help direct the message online, and invite customers to become members of a community.

A community manager might send out emails and social media messages. Additionally, it is often up to the community manager to policy blog comments, reviews, and message boards to take down trolls. While a community manager shouldn’t remove constructive criticism and useful negative feedback, he or she should be on the alert for obscene and insulting comments that don’t advance the conversation.

It’s all about creating a place where customers feel as though they are connecting to a brand or business, improving loyalty and encouraging return visits.

Can you think of any other jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago?

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