How to Save Money by Making Your Own Gourmet Coffee

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Coffee is a strong American addiction, as proven by the statistic that the average person spends over $1,000 annually on gourmet coffee drinks.  At $3-$5 per drink on average, its easy to see how this adds up, especially if stopping at a local coffee shop is a part of your daily routine. While enjoying a superb coffee made by an experienced barista is a treat most people enjoy, you have to admit it’s way overpriced. If you think about it, you may be spending more on your morning coffee than on your breakfast or lunch!  If quality coffee isn’t a habit you’re willing to part with, consider these tips on how to make your own gourmet coffee at home at a fraction of the price. Making your own coffee at home can translate into a savings of 90% or more, a difference that can make a noticeable impact on your budget.

Start with high quality coffee beans.
There is no question that buying ground coffee is more convenient (and usually cheaper) than grinding your own coffee beans. But if you want to make coffee that tastes as good as the coffeehouse’s, you really do need to start with beans. Grinding your beans fresh every time preserves the strength and quality of the taste. The higher quality of bean you purchase, the better the flavor. Store your beans in the fridge or freezer as you would your coffee, but let them warm to room temperature before grinding for maximum flavor release.

Experiment with different brands and flavors until you discover you favorites. Then you can save even more money by looking for coupons and sales online.

Don’t over-grind your beans.
While grinding your coffee at home will give you that coffeehouse flavor, you can sabotage it by over-grinding your beans. It’s better to leave a few whole beans than to grind too finely and loose precious flavor.

Use filtered water.
Filtered or distilled water will not only make a huge difference in the taste of your coffee, it will preserve the life (and speed) of your coffeemaker by eliminating clogging from mineral buildup. If you’ve used unfiltered water, run a pot of water and vinegar through the pot to cleanse the buildup and start fresh.

Invest in a few quality tools. While you don’t need the highest quality coffee maker if you’re using the right ingredients, you’ll want one that’s dependable and fast, especially since you’re spending more time on preparation. If speed is important to you, consider purchasing a Bunn or similar brand that utilizes a heated reservoir. If you’re fond of gourmet espresso drinks, you’ll need an espresso maker, as well. The most basic model shouldn’t cost more than $30 or so. A milk steamer is also a necessary tool for making cappuccinos and other drinks that use milk; these cost around $20. Of course, if you’re really serious, you can purchase a combination coffee, espresso and milk steamer appliance.  In the long run, these tools will more than pay for themselves compared to the price of coffeehouse drinks.

Experiment with add-ins.
Add steamed milk to your espresso to create an espresso. Try flavored coffee syrups for a hint of different flavor. Blend ice, milk, sugar and espresso for a luxurious frozen coffee.  The best thing about making gourmet coffee drinks at home is that the materials are cheap. You can make a frozen coffee for around $.40, compared to $4.00 from the shop! If you’re not experienced with the finer art of making coffee drinks, look online for techniques and new recipes so you never get bored.

Making your own coffee at home can cost less than $1 per cup and take less than 10 minutes each day. For the serious coffee connoisseur, this is an incredible savings you can’t afford to pass up.

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