How – and Where – Super Shoppers Save Big

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Do you shop wisely because of rising prices, a shrinking income, greater expenses, because you simply love getting a bargain… or all of the above? Whether it’s due to necessity or the thrill of the score, in the pricey world in which we live, it takes a savvy shopper to save big.

When I make a “killing” in the marketplace, I want to shout it from the rooftops. It always makes me feel like a “super shopper.” Shoppers who often make those “super buys” have a winning skill set which includes:

  • Knowledge – Shoppers who get the “super buys” know their prices. Knowing what constitutes a good price empowers you to pounce on it when you see it. Knowledge extends from individual item prices to being aware of the best time and place to purchase certain items.
  • Patience – Impulse buying is the enemy of the super shopper! If you’re not certain a price is good, investigate before shelling out your hard-earned money. Supress your urge for instant gratification until the price is right.
  • Planning – The “superest” shoppers are planners who approach the marketplace with a master plan for “how much they’ll save” rather than “how much they’ll spend.” They stock up when prices are low and maintain a list of needed or desired items so as to avoid buying at regular prices.

With those skills honed, there’s no reason you can’t become your own version of a “super shopper.”

Bargains can be found in a variety of places in a variety of ways, like these:

  • Sales – Simply put, items are discounted for a limited time. Of course, we here at gathers a bunch of these sales but there are many other ways to find out about sales as well.
  • Clearance – Discontinued, last (or end of) season, mismatched, slightly irregular or returned merchandise is often deeply discounted and offered separately from similar items.
  • Timely purchasing – Savvy shoppers know when items go on sale. Buying at the right time of year makes it easy to get more for your money.
  • Coupons and (coupon stacking) – Whether you clip them from the Sunday newspaper, print them from the Internet or load them to your shopper’s loyalty card, coupons can save you significant amounts of money on the items you purchase. Some stores reward frequent patrons with savings vouchers based upon their shopping history. Learn more about the new age of coupons. Coupon champions understand how to “stack” coupons, using a product coupon in conjunction with a store coupon to really bump up the savings at the register.
  • Off-price retail stores – T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, Home Goods, Tuesday Morning are all examples of department stores that carry name-brand items at significantly lower prices.
  • Private label stores – Grocery chains like Aldi carry private label groceries and specialty items which are often as good or better than their name-brand counterparts at much lower prices.
  • Online – Many items, especially through larger companies such as, are significantly cheaper than identical items at brick and mortar locations. Selection online is often much more extensive too, empowering you to choose items that best fit your desires and budget.
  • Internet group coupons – Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local and Dealfind are gift certificates you purchase at discounted prices for items, meals, services or tickets.
  • Shopping gateway sites – Ebates is an example of a shopping gateway – a website through which you access other shopping websites – from which you earn monetary rewards.

There’s no shortage of opportunities to save when you shop – you need only the willingness to learn and implement your own “super shopping system.” Super shoppers know their way around the marketplace and can navigate the retail waters wisely, getting the best value for their money.

What are your “super shopper” saving secrets?

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