Holiday Shopping: Free Shipping

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Even though Black Friday is over, and Cyber Monday has passed, there are still plenty of good deals out there if you want to continue some holiday shopping. Maybe you couldn’t find what you wanted, or maybe you weren’t able to take advantage of deals due to items selling out or web sites crashing. In any case, you can still get good deal on plenty of Christmas related merchandise. On top of that, you can also get free shipping.

Get Free Shipping for Your Christmas Purchases

One of the ways that you can contribute to a frugal Christmas is to take advantage of free shipping offers. This can be a good way to save a few bucks, or save even more — depending on what you are buying. Here are some places you can go to look for free shipping deals:

  • This is a good place to go to get free shipping year round. If you choose qualified Super Saver items, you can get free shipping when you spend at least $25. We try to bundle our orders at so that we qualify for Super Saver Shipping. When using this method for Christmas shopping, though, you have to be careful to order early. Super Saver Shipping takes longer than other options (since it is free), so if you don’t order early enough, you won’t get your items in time for Christmas.
  • Another favorite of mine, offers you a place to go to find free shipping codes, promotions and coupons. This is another web site that offers its services year round. Click on desired stores to get access to the codes and coupons that will provide you will free shipping on what you are buying. You can look by store, or by purchase category.
  • Free Shipping Day: Every year, more than 1,000 stores participate in Free Shipping Day. This is the day that you can order items and they are guaranteed to be there by Christmas — at no charge to you! It’s a great idea that can mean big savings for you at a variety of retailers. Check at the site to see who is participating, and then make a list of what you want to buy at those stores. Then, on December 17, place your orders.

Making a Plan

Of course, if you want to completely avoid paying shipping, for your Christmas shopping, you have to make a plan. You probably know that maximizing your money for a frugal lifestyle means plenty of planning. This is true when it comes to saving money on shipping.

Compile your Christmas list, and look for items at different online retailers participating in some sort of free shipping deal. Determine where you can go to get the best deals and the free shipping. If your best bet is Free Shipping Day retailers, you’ll want to divide up your list so that you know exactly which items to order on December 17. If you know you are getting things at, be sure to group them together so you get them at once to qualify for Super Saver Shipping.

You should also consider the cost of the item. In some cases, you might get such a good discount at one retailer that it makes up for the fact that you have to pay shipping. Run the numbers. Sometimes the money saved on shipping isn’t enough to offset a deeper discount elsewhere. You still have to do some comparison shopping if you want to save money on Christmas.

What sites do you visit for free shipping? And how do you save on Christmas shopping?

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