Get Crafting to Make Thoughtful and Inexpensive Holiday Gifts

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It’s early enough in the year to consider making some of your holiday gifts. Especially if you’re the crafty sort, it’s a great way to exercise your creative muscles while treating recipients to something unique and custom-made. Additionally, homemade gifts can pack a big impact for a small cost.

When I go the route of homemade gifts, I always feel that I’ve given of myself and my talents rather than just spending money for the sake of spending. I love the way making the gifts myself allows me to personalize each one to its recipient. Even if I make a dozen of something, each one can fit the recipient’s interests, preferences, decor or lifestyle. I feel very proud to present a gift I’ve put thought and care into creating.

Holiday-themed gifts

Sometimes, a holiday-themed gift is just the ticket. When I was twelve years old, my mom and I worked together to make Christmas tree skirts for my five older sisters who each had their own home that year. They were made of felt and edged with shiny gold rickrack. We decorated them all the way around with holiday shapes cut out of felt, like a Santa Claus face, Christmas tree, star, snowman, candles, snowflakes and the like. We created a festive, useful keepsake that they proudly used for years.

The Internet abounds with creative crafts for the holidays, many of which would make lovely, thoughtful gifts. Many of them require very simple materials that a crafty person may already have on hand. Craft stores and second-hand shops are also excellent places to find both materials and inspiration for your own creative gift ideas. Here are some holiday crafts I thought were particularly nice, and easy, too:

Also remember, if you’re comfortable in the kitchen, homemade holiday goodies are always a hit! Gifts of fresh-baked breads, cakes and cookies are tremendously popular gifts, especially among those who don’t – or don’t care to – cook. Homemade candy makes a particularly special treat, if you’re so inclined.

Gifts for year ’round enjoyment

Handmade gifts for use or enjoyment throughout the year are also appreciated. They can be a personal item, home decor or something tasty. Here are some ideas from the web for simple-to-make gifts that pack a huge “Wow” factor:

No matter the craft, the gift of your talents and time increase the gift’s value to the recipient immensely. Here are a couple real-life examples of the perfect gift from the perfect giver:

  • My mother-in-law makes personalized note cards and stationery as gifts. She’s a talented calligrapher who incorporates the recipient’s name or initials with some decorative stamping on high-quality paper to create a lovely gift.
  • A friend of mine is an extremely talented cook who gives the gift of her recipes and their ingredients, to enable the recipient to cook up something wonderful on their own. Baking mixes, spice blends and dry soup ingredients are particularly suited to this presentation.

The best thing about crafting handmade gifts is that you need not have any particular talents (like knitting or painting) to make them – just the desire to make something creative. If that sounds like you, do your holiday budget – and those on your gift list – the favor of making holiday gifts with your own two creative hands this year!

How have you used your creativity to make much-appreciated gifts?

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