Frightfully Easy Halloween Costume Designs

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There is something magical about Halloween that seems to bring out the DIY-er in most parents. The desire to design your child’s Halloween Costume is understandable, but for those with few sewing skills it may seem like a daunting situation. Fortunately, there are costumes that anyone can make, even if their best craft skill is using a hot glue gun.

Pillow Case Costumes

Pillow cases can cost as little as a dollar and are perfect for creating one of a kind Halloween costumes. White ones are particularly versatile and fit just about anyone. You can always use a king sized pillow case if you are looking for a dress look rather than a tunic.

1. Trashy Solution; Take a white or black pillowcase and turn it upside down, so the opening is the top. Make holes for your legs in the bottom and for your arms in the side. The opening becomes the neck of the trash bag. Make a few slits near the top and thread a red scarf or piece of fabric through it. With a fabric marker, write “trash” on the pillowcase, and use hot glue to attach pieces of actual – clean – trash to the case.
2. Playing Around; A playing card is easy to make. All you need is a white pillow case and some felt. Cut out numbers and an appropriate number of hearts or diamonds to create a card face on both sides. If you really want to get fancy, scan in an actual face card. Then enlarge the picture and print it on iron on paper. Then iron on the design for a queen or jack.

Costumes that Require some Basic Sewing

If your crafting skills include some basic sewing, you have many more options. Pattern from the simplest cat to incredibly complex identical replicas of Hogwarts fashion exist.

For those of us with little skill with a needle and even less time, here are some ideas.
1. M & M or Cookie;
a. Get felt that either matches the color of M&M you wish to create or some tan felt for a cookie. Dark brown felt will make the chocolate chips and white felt the “m” logo.
b. Cut the fabric into two circles.
c. Sew the shoulders shut leaving a space for the head.
d. Sew the sides, leaving space for the arms.
e. Leave the bottom loose.
f. Cut out small circles from the dark felt for chocolate chips and either sew or glue them on or cut the “m” logo out of the white felt and do the same.
2. Kitty Cat; Popular with the little ladies, this is a breeze to make. Get some black leggings and a black turtle neck. Pick up two feather boas that are white/black/gray. You will also need some black felt and a black knit hat.
a. Cut sections of the boa and sew it on to the ends of the leggings and sleeves.
b. Cut ear shapes from the felt and sew them on to the black hat in the right spot. You can decorate them with boa scraps if you want.
c. Use some more felt to create a tail or use the second boa just for this.

It may seem like ancient history but most of us didn’t have bought costumes growing up. We pulled together things from the dress up box, our parent’s closet and used some creativity. Focus on the fun, not the price tag and your kids will have great Halloween memories of your home made costumes.

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