Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Smaller = Frugal Living

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One of the things that has become rather apparent since the recession is that bigger isn’t always better. Indeed, in some cases bigger is just…bigger. And more is just…more. And, of course, bigger can more more expenses. If you are looking to live a more frugal lifestyle, you might consider areas where smaller is better for your budget.


How big of home do you need? In some cases, you might really need to upgrade to a larger home. However, it is important to understand your motivations behind moving into a larger home. What if it were better (and more conducive to your frugal living goals) if you actually downsized. Here are some things that a smaller house comes with:

  • Smaller mortgage payment.
  • Less money spent on utilities.
  • Less time spent on cleaning and maintenance.
  • Encourages you to get rid of clutter.
  • Helps you stop buying things — after all, you don’t have room!
  • Chance to spend more time with your family.

You can probably think of a number of other advantages that come with downsizing a home. Moving into something smaller might actually be better for you.


Honestly, sometimes you need a bigger car. I grew up in a family of five. A minivan was a must. But when you have two kids, is a huge Hummer really necessary? It is worth noting that the insurance for a SUV is usually higher than the premiums for a smaller car. Even minivans often have lower insurance costs than SUVs. It’s something to think about.

On top of that, the bigger your car is, the more likely it is to guzzle more gas. That means that you spend more money fueling up. See what you can do about a smaller, more fuel efficient car. And consider whether or not your “needs” are really wants.


Consider your health. The cost of a bigger waistline can be larger than you might imagine. Not only are you paying the monetary costs for unhealthy food (and more of it), but you are also paying costs in health. Additionally, your health care costs rise as your waistline expands. There are plenty of ways to create a frugal home gym, allowing you to get in shape at a low cost. You’ll save money and feel better, too.


Before you purchase a big screen TV, or get that awesome computer, consider your needs. What will you use it for? Do you really need a computer with a massive hard drive and a 27-inch screen? You might if you use the computer for some specific projects that have to do with work, but most of us don’t need something so fancy for casual family use.

Likewise, a huge TV is rarely necessary. Is your viewing experience really enhanced that much when you have a 60-inch screen instead of a 42-inch screen? I’m actually happy with my 32-inch screen. Bigger electronics suck more electricity, costing you money. Not to mention the fact that they are more expensive, due to their size.

Before you get carried away with big items. consider your options, and your motivations. In many cases, you might be better off with something smaller.

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