8 Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Money

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A cell phone is not just a phone anymore – that’s for sure! It’s getting more difficult to decide which one you need (maybe the cellphone with the best coupons will do?) because of the sheer number of choices and features available. Although some people find that a cell phone that just makes calls is sufficient for their needs, most contemplate whether a smartphone is worth the extra expense. Perhaps you already have a smartphone and are looking to get the most from its ‘superpowers.’ Here are some ways you can use your smartphone to actually save money:

  1. Coupon Apps – There are a multitude of coupon applications available for smartphones which make you aware of discounts and allow you to access them directly from your phone. Even Groupons you’ve purchased from your computer can be redeemed from your smartphone, eliminating the need for printing and carrying them with you. Some apps integrate with your GPS to display local discounts (or even the cheapest gas prices) based upon your current location.
  2. QR Codes – Quick Response Codes are those black and white symbols (similar to UPC codes but made of small squares) that are showing up everywhere from magazine pages to product packaging to signs in stores. Simply scan these QR Codes with your phone; among other things, they can trigger an opportunity to sign up for email notifications of discounts, coupons and other savings opportunities on the spot.
  3. Texts – Especially in restaurants, it’s common to see signs that read something like, “Text 1234SAVE for savings.” I recently did so at a restaurant and immediately received a return text entitling me to 10% off the meal I was there to enjoy. Others may text you notifications of upcoming specials.
  4. Foursquare – This is one of the location notification apps for smartphones. When you arrive at a destination, like a store, restaurant or gas station, for example, you can “check in” – which means you notify the application of your whereabouts. The business you are visiting may have provided a Foursquare coupon which will display on your smartphone upon check-in. I recently received a 20% off coupon when I checked in at JC Penney, getting me a discount on clothes.
  5. UPC scanning – An organization program called Sprinpad, which can be accessed on your smartphone, can help you compare prices among online stores. Scan the UPC code on a product and Springpad will inform you of pricing on a variety of sites.
  6. Price history – Even without an app, you can keep a list of prices on your smartphone to remind you of pricing on products you want to compare. Having a record, for instance, of a good price for laundry detergent will help you make an informed buying decision when you come across the product at another store or in a different sized package.
  7. Calculator – If you have your smartphone with you, you have a calculator at your disposal to easily figure out price per unit, keep a running total of your purchases or calculate a percentage to help you purchase wisely and keep track of your spending.
  8. Shopping List – At the very least, a smartphone provides a place to keep a shopping list you’ll – most likely – always have with you. Maintaining and shopping with a list saves money and time.

A smartphone can be a significant expense; it’s up to you to make it pay off by utilizing its capabilities to help you save money. My personal goal is to have my smartphone pay for itself over time by taking advantage of all the savings opportunities it can help me find and redeem.

How do you use your smartphone to save money and spend more wisely?

Bonus Tip:

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