7 Tips To Reaching Your Fitness Goals

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If you’re like many people, last year’s fitness commitment lasted only a few months before tanking. Maybe you managed to stick with your actual goals but hated every minute of it or didn’t see results. Because I’ve been there, I’d like to share a few tips on how to make your fitness goals become more than an unobtainable dream.

Realize that you need to set specific short and long-term goals. Getting fit is a long-term process. It doesn’t happen overnight, but over months and even years of discipline, consistency, and increased challenges. To stick with your overall goal of being more fit, you need to set specific goals, such as:

  • By next month, I want to be able to walk three miles in ___ minutes.
  • By summer, I want my BMI to be ___.
  • By the end of the year, I want to have dropped two pant sizes.

Set goals that are realistic to your current fitness level, but don’t be afraid of setting challenging goals…you just might surprise yourself.

Invest in a personal trainer. Personal trainers can be expensive, but if you’re the type of person that needs outside motivation and has no clue where to start, a trainer will be able to guide your fitness journey. You may need only a few months with a trainer to establish principles, routine, and suggested goals, and then be fine on your own.

Join a group or class. Group fitness classes are popular because of their ability to help people maintain motivation, establish accountability, and increase the enjoyment of exercise. Finding friends with similar fitness levels and goals is encouraging and will help you make fitness a social activity rather than a chore.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Variety is key to keeping your workouts interesting and challenging as well as achieving more rapid results. If you do the same thing at the same level for too long, you will quickly become bored, and notice a decline in results. Make sure to include a good mix of cardio, strength training and stretching in order to burn calories while toning and increasing flexibility and stability.

Don’t be afraid of lifting weights. It’s a well-circulated myth that women will bulk up if they lift too much weight too frequently. Women, it takes a lot of creatine, protein supplements, and intense weight lifting to create those body-builder types you see on television. The more muscle you build, the more fat you’ll burn and the skinnier you will look by toning and tightening your body.

Bring fitness into your home. There are scores of daily, 30, 60 or 90-day workout programs you can do from the convenience of your own home.  Although less personal, you can receive expert fitness instruction without paying top dollar for a trainer. This method is ideal for people who are self-conscious and private about working out. Fitness programs also allow you more flexibility with training time and duration; some programs are designed to fit into as little as ten minutes a day. Although you should try to get in at least thirty minutes of exercise a day, there are days that’s not possible, and ten minutes is better than nothing.

Don’t just diet; change the way you eat. Diets are designed for rapid weight loss and short duration. They can help you lose weight temporarily until you resume old eating habits. Instead, change the way you eat every day, including:

Exercise and eating right are the age-old ways to get and stay in shape for life. Setting goals, getting expert advice, staying consistent and keeping it fun are key to helping your new year’s fitness resolutions become a reality this year and for years to come.

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