7 Shopping Apps That Can Help You Find the Best Deals

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While it’s no secret that there are plenty web sites that offer you access to some of the best deals and coupons, it’s also worth noting that there are shopping apps that can make it easier than ever to find the right deals and comparison shop. If you have a smart phone, you can get access to the best deals and coupons in the palm of your hand:

1. Favado

This is a grocery shopping app that can provide you with deals and coupons based on your shopping list. There are more than 65,000 grocery stores and drugstores in the database, but you can focus on local stores. Create your shopping list with Favado, and the app will match you with the deals; no scouring through flyers for sales and coupons.

2. PriceBlink

This is actually an add-on for your browser, so it works best when you are on your desktop or laptop, or using an iPad. As you search online for a product, it alerts to lower prices on other sites. This saves you the trouble of looking through aggregators or flitting from site to site looking for the best deal. You end up with the best price automatically.

3. RedLaser

This is a barcode scanner on steroids. Not only can you scan the barcode, but you can also simply snap a picture of the item. RedLaser will look at the item, and then let you know what else is available, whether it’s at the store down the street, or at an online retailer. It’s a fast and easy way to comparison shop.

4. SaleSorter

Take your quest for the best sales to the next level. SaleSorter focuses on your locality. You get access to a database of local sales so that you can easily find where to get good deals. You can use SaleSorter to create a route for you, as when you’re at the mall looking for the best way to approach your shopping spree. It’s also possible to customize SaleSorter so that your favorite stores are prominently displayed.

5. Mashalot

If you want to get into social shopping as part of your effort to find the best deals, this app can be a good choice. You get access to shopping trends, as well as get access to the best prices and deals on thousands of items. One of the great things about this app is that you can comment on items (and see your friends’ comments). It’s also possible to build wishlists so that your friends and family can see what you want, and so that you can see when something you like goes on sale.

6. BuyVia

Use this app to find sales and deals from professional shoppers. Pick items you are interested in, and when they go on sale, you receive an alert. No need to buy now if something will go on sale later. This app also comes with a bar code scanner so you can comparison shop while you are out and about.

7. RetailMeNot

As you shop, use this app to find deals on your favorite things. Get codes online, or get them on your phone so that you don’t have to carry coupons around.

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