6 Ways to Increase the Coupons You Receive

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One of the strategies many employ to save money is to clip coupons. But you don’t have to just rely on the Sunday paper and envelopes of them in the mail; if you know where to look, you can find coupons regularly — or even have them delivered to you more often. Here are 6 ways that you can increase the coupons that you receive:

1. Visit Store Web Sites

Many stores have their own web sites. This includes large chain stores and even some local stores. Even grocery stores have web sites that provide a place for coupons. Look around on your favorite store web sites for coupons, special promo codes and deals. While you are there, see if there is a way to sign up for special offers, coupons and sales. This can be a way to have savings from your favorite stores sent right to your inbox.

2. Visit Manufacturer Web Sites

Not only can you get coupons at your favorite store, but you can also find coupons for specific brands. If there is a brand that you like and buy regularly, consider visiting the manufacturer’s web site for coupons. You can also sign up to get special discounts on new products, if you are interested in trying new items from that manufacturer. You might even find a manufacturer’s coupon for the same item that you found on the store’s web site. If applicable, you can combine the offers for bigger savings.

3. Choose a Coupon Web Site

There are a number of coupon web sites out there, including CouponShoebox.com, Coupons.com, CouponSherpa.com and CouponMom.com. You can also find deals at places like Groupon.com. Use coupons and deal sites to find discounts. There are sites that allow you to sign up for email alerts for coupons on items of interest. You can identify your favorite stores, brands and items and received tailored alerts and coupons for exactly what you are looking for. Check back with these types of sites frequently, since there are often new deals and discounts. Again, you can combine offers for extra savings.

4. Sign Up For Store Loyalty Programs

It may seem like a pain, but you can get more coupons if you sign up for store loyalty programs. I belong to a store loyalty program, and every couple of months, I automatically receive coupons in the mail. These coupons are usually for things that I actually buy. As long as you don’t get too worried about the privacy implications of having a store loyalty program analyze your purchases, this can be a great way to automatically increase the number of coupons that you have access to.

5. Opt In Email Deals

One way to have more coupons and promo codes delivered to your email inbox is to sign up for email deals and newsletters. If you are concerned about having your inbox stuffed with junk email, you can set up a separate email account that you use for offers. Then, every few days you can look through your emails and print out the coupons, or use the promo codes, that you are most interested in.

6. Social Media Savings

There are a number of companies, stores and others that tweet coupons, codes and special sales to their follows. Find out if the stores and brands that you like tweet special codes. You can also follow coupon web sites for special savings tweets. You can also find special coupons and get deal notices when you sign up as a fan of some stores’ Facebook pages. Consider using social media to help you increase the number of coupons that you get.

There are many sources for coupons. Even if you don’t have the time to scour the Internet for coupons and discount codes, it is possible for you to have some deals sent to your inbox, reducing the amount of work you do, while increasing your savings.

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