5 Tips for Growing Your Home Business

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Working from home is becoming an increasingly common way for wives, mothers, physically disabled, retired, and those otherwise unemployed in the public workforce to generate income. Starting your own business can be challenging and scary, especially when you’re uncertain of its success or failure; a plan that looks good on paper can flop when it’s actually carried out. On the other hand, your business may have started out with a bang only to die shortly thereafter. The following are some tips for starting and maintaining long-term income from your home-operated business.

#1. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

One of the biggest reasons for the failure of home-based businesses is the lack of advertising. You may not be selling your product or service simply because people aren’t aware it’s available! Large corporations spend significant portions of their budgets on advertising since it has been proven to influence the way the public acts and spends their money. Your home-based business may lack the large-scale structure and funds for extensive advertising, but this isn’t necessarily a limitation on the quality of your advertising.

#2. Utilize Social Media

One of the best ways to advertise in recent times is through social media. Create a Facebook page or a website advertisement for your business including pictures, details, prices, and contact information. Start with your friends and family and ask them to share your website or Facebook page with contacts that might be interested. Use your personal social media accounts to post updates about special events and pricing, post pictures of yourself or others using your products, and link to your business website. As long as you don’t become obnoxious about it, this is a great way to ‘sneak’ advertising into a place where hundreds of people will be browsing on a daily basis.

#3. Believe in Your Business, Product, and Services – Others Will, Too

Some of the greatest salesmen are those who were once (or still are) customers themselves. Personal experience and positive results with a product or service will make a greater impression than high-pressure sales tactics. Using your products and services gives you first-hand experiences to share (fuel for advertising) with others and gives others a living, breathing example of a satisfied customer. Since you’ll be sharing from your life and not from rehearsed lines, others will sense your sincerity and respond.

#4. Follow Up with Your Customers

If you’re running a customer-based home business, it’s extremely important that you establish follow-up with them. Whether you have 5 or 50 customers, strive to make each of them feel as if they were the first one, the only one, and the most important one.  The quality of customers you have means more than the quantity. Loyal, satisfied customers may continue to support your business for years to come and willingly advertise for free, so make sure they are completely satisfied. Be sure to offer money-back guarantees, return policies, and refunds so that even people who aren’t satisfied with your product or services will at least have a pleasant experience.

#5.Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

If your business is slowing down for no apparent reason, it may be time to breathe some new life into it. Don’t be afraid to try new sales tactics, venues, products, or other ways to draw in customers with your business’s uniqueness and appeal. Stay on top of the latest market research in your field to keep abreast of major trends or changes that might affect you. It’s also a good idea to invite another business-saavy person to give objective input on things you may need to change or improve.

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